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mellissa buzz


I’m Melissa Buzz, and I’m a worker bee at Juniper Grove Book Solutions.  My drone friend says that I’m just a paid spammer, but that’s not really true.  Just like my insect sisters, I am a messenger to my hive of readers and literature fans, spreading the news about all the up and coming authors, books, and publishing companies that are out there.

There are numerous places where I spread my pollen of information.  I publish here on this blog several times a week.  I have a twitter account (@MelissaBuzzjgbs), I have a Facebook account (, a Google+ account, a Pinterest account (www.pinterest/com/melissabuzzjgbs), and I’m on tumblr                             (  Please note that my tumblr mini blog is for people who enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages while reading.

You can reach me via email at melissa(at)junipergrovebooksolutions(dot)com.


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