Cursed Rebel by H.G. Lynch–Interview!

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Cursed Rebel

Title: Cursed Rebel

Author: H.G. Lynch

Published: July 14th, 2015

Publisher: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Age Recommendation: 15+

Never trust a pretty face. My grandma taught me that. She warned me about the Fair Folk but I never believed her…until I was kidnapped by one. And damn, he is pretty.

But Fin was sent to bring me to his King, and if I want to survive the Otherworld, I have no choice but to trust him – for now.

Oh, and did I mention my sexy best friend is hunting me? I should’ve listened to Gran.

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HG Lynch

H.G. Lynch is a Scottish Paranormal Romance author, avid reader, and cat-lover. She spends most of her days writing, while wrestling her cat, Sooki, off her laptop. She believes that chocolate cake can save the world, and is highly caffeine-addicted. She loves horse-riding, Star Trek, and snow.
Her books are dark fantasy romances, usually with a bad boy and a bad girl. Sometimes with zombies, sometimes vampires, sometimes other things.

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We are so happy to have H.G. Lynch join us today!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book. A specific good book? Clockwork Prince is my favourite book, and it’s a love-hate relationship. That book ruined me. It made me fall in love and broke my heart and glued the pieces back together only to smash them apart again.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of? I started writing when I was fifteen, and the day I finished the manuscript for my first book was one of the proudest moment of my life.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author. My work ethic is kind of bipolar – sometimes I’ll write 6000 words in a day, and sometimes I’ll leave a story for a week without writing a word. I have to do a lot of promotion for my books as well. Sometimes I’ll spend hours and hours on promotion without a break, and sometimes I’ll hop on Facebook and lose the will to do anything at all.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life? Not very well. I rarely see my friends, rarely go out, because as soon as I leave the house I feel like I should be writing or promoting my books instead of doing frivolous things like shopping and seeing movies. The only exception is the time I spend with my boyfriend – I always make time for him, and I never feel guilty about it.

5) Why did you write this book? I wrote Cursed Rebel because I like to try new things in writing. I’ve written vampire books, a werewolf book, a New Adult, an Erotica, even a zombie dystopian…it was about time I tried faeries.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work? Probably my lack of appeal to males. I have social anxiety, and I had an eating disorder for a long time because of stress from bullying, so in school, I wasn’t in a healthy state – as a result, I was small and nervous and felt like I would never find a guy to love me. I like to write female characters who don’t want or expect love, and then throw it at them and see how it changes them.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life? Well I’d like to be a New York Times Bestselling author, and I’d like to have the money to buy my own house.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself. I hate cats.

Looking at the faery boy in front of me, with his exquisite features and striking eyes, I thought that Grandma had been right. I was realising she had been right about a lot of things. I wished I’d listened to her better, wished I’d believed her when she warned me about the Fair Folk.

Staring into those inhumanly bright eyes, seeing the glitter of something cruel beneath that prettiness, I whimpered. I didn’t mean to, and the second I did, I wished I hadn’t. I couldn’t show fear there, or the beautiful monsters would tear me apart like well-disguised lions.


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