The Innocent by Michelle K. Pickett

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Title:  The Innocent
Series:  The Milayna Series, Book 3
Author:  Michelle K. Pickett
Published:  November 3rd, 2015
Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing
Genre:  YAm Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:  Violence and Language
Recommended Age:  16+
Synopsis:  A year ago, eighteen year-old Milayna fought Azazel, Hell’s angel, for her soul. She thought she’d seen the last of him, but he’s back, and he’s brought his friends with him. The Four Brothers want Milayna’s life, and they have wicked powers to use to take it.
While Milayna struggles against the Four Brothers, she also has to fight Azazel for her younger brother’s soul. Ben is at a crucial point in his life—a time when he is weakest to Azazel and his powers. Milayna has to shield her brother from Azazel until Ben reaches the age of accountability and enters a period of safety from Azazel and his soul-sucking demons.
As if having four demon brothers out to end her life and Hell’s angel out to steal her brother’s soul wasn’t enough, Milayna is still reeling from the disappearance of Chay. Can she find him in time to save their relationship? Or will the constant struggle with Hell and all its evil send her seeking comfort in the arms of Xavier?
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About the Author:
Michelle is the bestselling author of the young adult novel “PODs.” She was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, but now lives in a sleepy suburb outside Houston with her extremely supportive husband, three school-aged children, a 125 pound “lap dog,” and a very snooty cat.
Red Bull or Monster Khaos are her coffee of choice, and she can’t write without peanut butter M&Ms and a hoodie. A hopeful romantic; she loves a swoon-worthy ending that will give her butterflies for days. She writes across genres in the young adult and new adult age groups. She loves to hear from her readers.
Michelle signed her new young adult contemporary novel— Unspeakable, with Clean Teen Publishing in 2014.
We are so happy to have Michelle with us today!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book.

A good book is like a long lost love. I saw a meme once that read something like: An unfinished book is like an unfulfilled romance. A little sappy, but I liked the sentiment. If a book is written well, you fall in love with the characters, the world. You root for them, laugh with them, and cry with, and sometimes for, them.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

I’ve always written, either parts of novels that never went past a few chapters, or in my journal.

Trying to pick a piece of work that I’m most proud of is difficult. Each book, each character touches an author’s life in a different way. So it’s difficult to judge them the same. For instance, PODs was my first YA novel, and was the first traditionally published. But Unspeakable is a novel that SPOKE to me. It was truly a labor of love. I’m proud of both books for different reasons.

If pressed, though, I’d have to say my first novel—Concilium—is the one I’m most proud of. It’s the first novel I ever finished, and the first time I told my family that I loved writing (I’d finished a 400 page book and no one even knew I was writing!) The book, although indie published, didn’t go far despite the handful of good reviews it received. I’ve since pulled it from stores and plan to rewrite some areas and republish it.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

My work ethic is pretty simple. There are two parts to it. First, I live with the belief that anything worth having is worth working for. My dad taught me this. He gave me an excellent example of what hard work entails. And taught me to use it in all areas of life. Since I love writing, it is definitely something worth working for.

Second, always tell my story. This doesn’t mean tell a true story about myself—you wouldn’t want to read it. Trust me, I’m not very interesting. No, it means tell the stories I’m passionate about. I want to find new stories and new ways to tell them.

So my bottom line: Work hard to tell my story.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

Um… I’m not sure I’ve ever been balanced. Things overlap. Life intrudes on my writing time, and sometimes writing intrudes in the other areas of my life. But I try to set limits to keep different areas of my life separate. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I think being aware that I need to keep things in check, helps… even when my balancing act is dangerously unbalanced.

5) Why did you write this book?

The Innocent is the ending of Milayna’s journey. I wrote it to give her a happy ending. As for why I wrote the series as a whole, I can’t tell you. The notes and partial scenes I’d written were on my computer. One day I read through them and then started writing.

That’s kind of how it works for me. I have over fifty novels in various stages of the writing process on my computer right now. Some have a good deal of notes, character studies, and scenes already written. Others just have a sentence or two—just an idea that sparked one day and I wanted to write it down before the spark fizzled. It doesn’t mean that all the ideas I have jotted in notebooks all over my house, or I’ve saved on my computer will develop into books—it doesn’t work that way. An idea might sound great, but when I start to write or outline (what little I do), I find it can’t sustain an entire book.

So short answer to my long babbling explanation: I can’t tell you what sparked the idea. The books were written in 2013, I’ve already forgotten what gave me the idea for them. But I can say, I loved writing them.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

Hmm, that’s a hard question. I know that I do draw from real life while writing, but I don’t do it intentionally. I’ve never sat down and said, “I’m going to make this character just like my husband.” But, when I’ve finished a book and reread it, sometimes I do see characteristics or personality traits of people I know in a character’s behavior. But it’s totally random and, for the most part, unintentional.

I’ve only written something that was pulled from my life twice. The first was a conversation my son, then nine or ten years-old, and I had that I thought was hilarious, so I modified it so it would fit into my second novel (Concilium: The Departure). The second would be the plot for Unspeakable. I pulled a lot of inspiration from my own life for that novel… although, please don’t think it’s autobiographical. It’s not.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

Well, I’ll start with my life outside of writing, because if that part of my life isn’t taken care of, I can’t write.

In my “normal” life, and I use that term very loosely. There isn’t much about me that is normal. My daughter bought me a shirt that reads: Normal is boring. That’s my philosophy. I happily embrace my inner weirdo. In the next five years I hope I’m where I am today. I don’t mean where I am physically… I can go anywhere. I don’t me financially… but, honestly, a few hundred thousand dollars is always welcome (ha-ha). I mean the stuff in life that isn’t tangible. The love I give, and receive from, my family. The way my husband crunches his potato chips that drives me freakin’ insane… but, at the same time, I love the sound because I know he’s near. The way my kids bound in the door after school. These are all things I treasure. So in five years I’d want to believe, hope, pray, that they are still a constant in my life.

My life as an author in five years? Well, I hope that I’m still writing, and someone is still reading what I write. I’m not going to say I don’t care if I’ve won awards, made the NY Times Bestsellers list, signed a movie deal… because, let’s face it, any author who seeks publication would want those things. They all validate that our work is good enough… and we all seek validation in whatever we do. So, yes, I’d like to write the next sparkly vampire… or whatever. That goes without saying. But what I want? Where I want to be? Again, where I am. Writing things that make me happy.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

I’m an excellent speller. I won three straight district-wide spelling bees in elementary school.

Here’s one thing that’s not a lie… I’ve really enjoyed your interview. Thank you for hosting me and the third book in the Milayna Series: The Innocent. I appreciate it so very much!

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The Forsaken by CJ Hart

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Title:  The Forsaken
Series:  The Abandoned Series, Book 2
Author:  C. J. Hart
Published:  November 2nd, 2015
Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing
Genre:  YAm Paranormal Romance
Content Warning: Violence and Language
Recommended Age:  13+
Synopsis:  Fear. Uncertainty. Wonder. Those three things are thrumming through me, pounding in my ears and coating my tongue with acid. All words that escape my mouth are wrong; I can’t explain how it feels to not remember—for chunks of my memory and hours of my night to have been erased. Erased? No… forgotten.

How do you forget whether you killed a person or not the night before?

Cassie Spencer’s human life is over, and the resulting consequences are flooding in. As she learns to adapt to her new life, pieces of her honorary family are unraveling. Every day is another spent worrying who Ash will take from her next. Though he’s not the only danger she should be concerned about.
A man turns up dead. Eaten.
The Hunters suspect Ash is behind it—one of his sadistic games. But who is really at fault?
And then there’s the mystery illness Cassie contracts, a disease unheard of by both her father and the elders. Can they find her a cure before her condition worsens?
Not every hero wears a cape. Some wear gray beanies.

Grab a copy of book 1, The Hunted, for FREE on Amazon!

Excerpt from The Forsaken by CJ Hart:

Almost five months ago, our dear leader traded his life, his alpha status, for a human. A weak, pitiful thing barely worth the energy—but good enough to eat, in my opinion. I kept asking myself, Why doesn’t he just slit her throat? Humans are annoying. Wasn’t he bored already? I couldn’t comprehend why, after endless days of playing the doting boyfriend, he hadn’t killed her yet.
But I was wrong.
Even more months ago, years ago, Sebby decided to quit munching on humans and chose to hunt animals instead. That’s when he went soft, lost his spine. He got a job at a record store. What does he think he is now—human?
At the same time, some major changes were snowballing.
The elders decided to allow Seb’s allegiance to the mortal race.
Kat sided with them.
And I decided to torture those they loved the most. Starting with Seb’s new girlfriend. An added bonus was that her father was a Hunter. Anything I did to her, directly and indirectly, he would undoubtedly feel. But when I saw her at the café that day, when Sebby was drooling all over her, I realized the best way to get to her father was to play a little game with her. And how do you make a teenage girl miserable? You kidnap her best friend.
I don’t recall her name, but I do remember her scream. She was a fighter, and she loved to squeal as I peeled her skin off strip by strip. Oh, what a treat it was to smell her fear.
I smirk at the memory, and then I grimace.
Cassie Spencer thinks she’s better than us. Better than me. That she’s good and honorable. It’s laughable, really. Now that she’s one of us, we’re equals. It’s only a matter of time before she screws up again. And I only have to be in the right place, the right time, to catch it.
And it will happen.
She’s the same as the rest of us—whether she likes to admit that or not. She’s a monster. A freak.
The only one who gets under my skin.


 photo Cassie Teaser_The Forsaken.png
 photo CJ-Hart.jpg
About the Author:
Renée Shearer writes young adult fiction under the name of C.J. Hart. Renée is a full-time writer who lives in Sydney, Australia, with a crazy pooch named Abbey and a boisterous, somersaulting rescue budgie named Kaleb. Her days are spent living in her fictional worlds and consuming way too much caffeine. She has an (unhealthy?) obsession with all things cupcake- and coffee-related plus Kerouac and YA dystopia/fantasy books. Renée can often be found surrounded by books, marathoning crime shows and munching on vegan goodies, on Twitter (@Renee_Shearer), Pinterest, or dancing in a rainstorm.
Renée hopes to one day visit Rio and is currently learning Brazilian Portuguese.
 We are so happy to have C.J. Hart with us today!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book.

A good book draws me into its world for hours at a time, is warm and inviting, and makes me want to go back and reread after I finish.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

I’ve been writing stories ever since I could write, and I’m proud of all my stories, especially the earlier stuff, as they helped cement my love of writing; helped me explore fictional worlds.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

When writing or editing, I treat being an author as a real job, and am usually at my desk from 9am-3pm. Sometimes, I start at 8am if I’m raring to go. I’m not much of a procrastinator when it comes to writing, because it’s something I love, and while I don’t write every day (usually every second month), I can finish a book in about a month and a half.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

I make sure to take breaks and have a couple days off to spend with family, friends, or reading. I’m not always good at keeping the balance.

5) Why did you write this book?

Because I had to. I had to get the characters out of my head!

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

Nothing for my YA books (they’re shifters—I don’t have personal experience with that), but for my adult books, there are stalker exes and caffeine addictions…yep, I totally have experience with that 😉

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

I haven’t really looked that far ahead as an author. Being a bestselling author would be awesome. Personally, I also would like to become a foster parent for animals that don’t currently have a home. I’m a HUGE animal lover, and even though that would be hard work, I think it could be just as fulfilling as being a bestseller.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

I once wrote a book about a skateboarding zebra.

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Elementals: Season One by S.G. Basu

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 photo Elementals-Season-1.png

Title:  Elementals: Season 1
Author:  Author: S.G. Basu
Published:  September 29th, 2015
Publisher:   Vinayaka Publishing
Genre:  Science Fiction Thriller
Content Warning:  Mild violence and language
Recommended Age:  15+
Synopsis:  Mayhem is about to visit Löthia.
Löthia is at peace–after a millennium of genetic tinkering, Löthians’ power over the elements has been obliterated. The Elemental Wars that have plagued their civilization from the beginning of time is now distant history.
But have the Elementals been tamed for good?
Or is this just the quiet before the storm rips Löthia apart once again?

Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Excerpt from Elementals: Season 1 by S.G. Basu:
Nothing during the course of the grouchy summer day indicated that, by the time it was over, seventeen-year-old Anavyx Elon would be accused of the grisliest murder in recent Löthian history.

Dual complete moons blazed across the purple skies of Löthia that evening, and there shouldn’t have been any interruptions to Anavyx’s routine, yet there was.

She heard the faint noise of her bedroom door opening when she was halfway through her shower. Her body, warm from the water cascading down from the canopy over her head, stiffened immediately.

“Moma?” Anavyx called, voice trembling a little as her throat dried up with fear. No one replied.

It couldn’t be Moma.

Alana, her mother, was a top geneticist in the Peaks. Her evening consultation hours ended precisely at 2030 hours, not a moment before or after. There was no reason for her to leave her patients and come into the private section of the house looking for Anavyx.
Maybe it was Dadi.

Anavyx banished that idea with a shake of her head. It was impossible. Her father did not set foot in the house before midnight. Nothing except a calamity would bring him home this early. And even if he came home, he would never venture into her room. So who could it be?

There was no other noise after the door opened. That was the oddest thing—the silence. It made her insides curl up in a tight ball.

Anavyx reached for her robe and having wrapped its flowing expanse around herself, tiptoed forward to investigate. She barely took a step into her room, heart pounding uncontrollably fast and unbearably loud, when she saw him.

 photo SG-Basu.png

About the Author:
S.G. Basu is an aspiring potentate of a galaxy or two. She plots and plans with wondrous machines, cybernetic robots, time travelers and telekinetic adventurers, some of whom escape into the pages of her books.
Once upon a previous life on planet Earth, S.G. Basu trained to be an engineer, and her interest in science and her love of engineering shows up time and again in her books.
She shares her home with a large collection of Legos, a patient husband, and resident inspiration and entertainer, her daughter.

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We are so happy to have S.G. Basu with us today!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book.

A good book is one that endears and endures. A good book is enjoyable, no matter how many times it has been read. A good book ages well too. No matter how old you grow, the book appeals, revealing more and more with each read. One of my favorites is Frank Herbert’s Dune. It was magical when I first read it in grade school and it still is as wonderful.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

While I took to serious writing only in 2008, have enjoyed writing since I was a child. Way back when . . . I was in middle school, we were assigned classwork to write an original skit on Don Quixote . . . so I did. My English teacher, who was known for being hard to please, was so impressed with my piece that she recommended it for publication in the school magazine. Thinking that she saw so much potential in something I wrote on the fly, makes my heart swell even now.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

Creating a challenging but sustainable work ethic is very important for a writer, particularly for indies like me. Here are my top three:
-Have a dedicated writing time: When writing was simply a hobby, I wrote in spurts. Obviously, my productivity was definitely nowhere near what it is now. Now, I write and do other writing related work for at least 5 hours every day, five days a week. I stay extremely focused during the weekdays. By design, I take my weekends easy.
-Create daily targets: I have a list of writing related things to do each day and I finish them each day. This is over and above the 250 words minimum that I have to write every day.
-Keep your resolutions: This almost goes without saying. It’s easy to make resolutions, but a far difficult job keeping them. As an indie author, it is hard to keep up with the constant barrage of tasks, but I always finish what I start.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

It’s a constant battle with the clock, multitasking like I never thought was possible. I’m a new indie writer, and just like it is for any start up, the amount of work I have to put in is enormous. I also enjoy raising my young family, so I try to be extremely focused when I’m working. That way, my time for with my family or my own “playtime” is always a solid chunk of quality time. It has taken a lot of practice, but I’ve gotten better at creating “the zone” around me at the snap of a finger, rather than waiting for the right time or the right place.

5) Why did you write this book?

In 2015, one of my main goals was to challenge myself, push my boundaries so to speak. I usually write sprawling narratives, and my stories are usually not fast paced or short. So, I added writing a short, fast paced story to my list of this year’s resolutions. Couple that with the temptation to write a thriller, and the serialized science fiction thriller, “Elementals,” came to be.

It was a fun ride that I didn’t expect to enjoy so much. But now that I’ve developed a taste for it, there will be many more serialized science fiction thrillers coming from this stable.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration?

Every life experience finds its way out through a writer’s words. For me, the biggest influence has been the diverse cultures I’ve been fortunate to observe up close. I love to travel and the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met infuse color into the tapestries of my stories.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

As an author, I hope to amass a vast amount of content by then, maybe publish 30 or so books. Also hope to have a much better grip on marketing myself and my work.

In my other life, I want to travel to new places, visit the couple continents that I’ve never set foot on. Mostly though, I want to be an even better Mom.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

Don’t know about lies, but here’s a quirky fact about me–I used to be a professional snake charmer. In 2009, I performed at the CharmerFest with my wildly popular brood of snakes. Snuffles, my 15ft. dark-spotted Anaconda, even has a Facebook fan page.

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Shattered Memories–Interview, Book Tour, and Giveaway by JGBS

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 photo Shattered-Memories.png

Title:  Shattered Memories
Author:   Susan Harris
Published:  June 16th, 2015  
Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing
Genre:  YAm Dystopian Thriller
Content Warning:  Adult language, graphic violence, and sexual content
Recommended Age:  16+

Synopsis:  A terrible tragedy forced Alana McCarthy to forget a year of her life. Now she is to be executed for a crime she does not remember committing—the murder of her entire family. Lost and alone, Alana is terrified of unlocking secrets buried so deep inside her mind that she’s willing to forget the one person who could set her free.

Daniel Costello hasn’t forgotten about Alana, and he will do anything and everything to protect the girl he loves. But first, Alana needs to unlock her memories and find out the truth about what happened the night her family was killed.

The day of her execution is set. Together, will Alana and Daniel be able to uncover the truth behind her family’s deaths before it’s too late?

Excerpt from Shattered Memories by Susan Harris:
Suddenly I was angry… angry at my parents for dying and leaving me alone… angry at Sophia for being too small to defend herself… angry at Daniel for giving me false hope… angry at myself for letting pathetic fantasies take over my mind.
I jumped off the bed and screamed. The next thing I knew I had used what little strength left to overturn the bed, scattering all the bedding to the floor. I took one of the pillows and beat it across the wall. Then I kicked the bin with such force it smashed into the door with a sickening thud.
While continuing on my furious rampage, the door slid open and strong arms captured me from behind, holding my own in place. I struggled to break free and kicked out, but those arms would not let me go. I cried in frustration and tasted the saltiness of the tears on my lips.
“Shush, Alana, please… come on… calm down for me or else they are going to shock you. Hurts like a bitch. Come on, girl… shush. I got you.”
Connors’ voice sounded in my ear, and he kept shushing me until I stilled in his arms. My legs gave out, and we both went to the floor. Connors loosened his grip on me but still held me tight. My sobs became louder, and the pain in my chest was so bad that I thought I was dying. Through my sobs, I heard Connors say that I was okay and to please just give him a minute. I heard someone argue with him, and he snarled and told them to piss off. The tears soaked my top, and I felt nothing but tiredness as I shoved against Connors, needing to breathe. He did not let go.
My god, I felt so lost. I closed my eyes and screamed out the last of my frustration and anger before tiredness won out. I gave in and let the darkness pull me under.

 photo Susan-Harris.png

About the Author:

Susan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland. An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy genre. When she is not writing or reading, she loves music, oriental cultures, tattoos, anything Disney and psychology. If she wasn’t a writer she would love to be a FBI profiler or a PA for Dave Grohl or Jared Leto.

Here is my conversation with the awesome and fabulous Susan Harris!

 Describe your relationship with a good book.

When I’m stuck in a good book I want to continue on and absorb all that happens even as my eyes can’t read anymore. Sometimes I could finish a book in a day sometimes two. But then, once I’m finished I get book hangover when I realize that it will be a whole year before the next book.

When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of? The first thing I wrote that I was proud of was a poem I wrote when my grandfather passed away. He was a major influence in my life and died suddenly. I had a dream after he passed and it was like he was saying goodbye and I wrote a poem about it. Pops was one of the people who encouraged me and told me that I achieve anything I wanted once I put effort into it.

 Please describe your work ethic as an author.

I’m pretty strict with myself! If I have a full day of writing ahead, I sit down and work until the chapter is finished. I break only for like five minutes to make a cup of tea and then I’m back to it. I might do that for a couple of days and lock myself into my writing cave and then take a few days off…but then those nagging voices drag me back to whatever I’m writing.

How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

This is tough. Sometimes I forget that I need to socialize with people in the real world as well. I just have developed great time management systems for when I am really stuck in writing and forget that the outside world exists!

 Why did you write this book?

I wrote Shattered Memories for two main reasons. 1: I was watching a news story one night and there was something on it about taxes being introduced, protests for water charges and then a little segment of the housing crisis in Ireland. My twisted mind started thinking what would Ireland be like if we went bankrupt and the story started to piece itself together. 2:When I sat down to write Shattered Memories I had just been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and was dealing with a lot of different emotions. It was suggested to me that I use that to fuel the characters in my book and I did. It helped me immensely and I think it made the characters especially Alana more realistic.

 What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

There are a lot of things I’ve been through in life that inspire me to write, but I suppose the anxiety and the bullying I went through helps me to infuse my own experiences with my writing. In my twenties, it was a constant cycle of bad experience after bad experience but I hope now I’m thirty things have begun to change.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

As an author I just want to publish books that people want to read. Now every author wants to have a NY Times Best seller so you never know, maybe one day! In my personal life, I just want to be happy because I spent too much time being unhappy and not being myself. If I can go through life being happy most days then I can live with that.

 Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

I despise horror films because they are predictable and just remakes of all the ones that went before them!

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Fruits of Misfortune by Nely Cab–Interview, book tour, & giveaway–JGBS

Fruit-of-Misfortune-Tour-Banner (1)
Title:   Fruit of Misfortune
Series:  The Creatura Series #2
Author:  Nely Cab
Published:  June 16th, 2015
Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing
Genre:  YAm Paranormal Romance
Recommended Age:   13+
Synopsis:  Isis’ goals for the future included things like attending and graduating college. However, becoming a monster wasn’t part of the plan. Isis and her boyfriend, David, are on the brink of a horrible transformation and they are eager to stop it. Together, they set out on a quest to Greece to find Isis’ biological father—the only person that may be able to help them. Their journey comes to an abrupt stop before it even begins when Isis falls ill, and Eros, David’s best friend, arrives in Athens, unannounced and curious…with a plan of his own.
The hunt for her father leads Isis on the turbulent path of deceit, death, and demons as she anticipates the dawning of the beast that stirs inside her.
 photo Nely-Cab.png
About the Author:
Nely Cab is a Writer of stuff, a Master Coffee Drinker, a Food Maker & Eater, an Imaginary World Conqueror, and an Air Breather. She talks to herself—a lot—in her South Texas home while she plots stories about fantasy worlds and sips coffee from a pitcher. She’s known for cooking far too much food and has a tendency to overdo…well, everything. It is rumored that she is fabulous. Nely Cab is the best-selling author of the Creatura series.
Now here’s my conversation with the beautiful and talented Nely Cab!
Describe your relationship with a good book.

If a book makes my feelings rise—if I get angry, sad, laugh—then I’m sure to fall with it.

When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

As a profession, I started writing seven years ago. But when I was ten years old I wrote a story about an ant and a mouse, and I sent it off to a publishing company. I remember being very proud of my crayon illustrated, hand written construction paper book. I even stapled it. Of course, it got returned, saying the publisher didn’t take unsolicited nor un-agented submissions.

Please describe your work ethic as an author.

My work ethic is as follows: Respect other authors’ works because I can learn from them. Treat my writing like an art, a business, and an escape from reality. Try new things and challenge myself to be better.

How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

I have to make checklists for everything that needs to get done. Sometimes I don’t have time to write because I’m busy with household things. So I get up much earlier, like today, or don’t go to bed until much later than usual to get the items on my list checked off.

Why did you write this book?

Because it’s the sequel to the first and I couldn’t leave my readers or myself hanging.

What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

I stop everything and remember what it was like to be me as a teenager. I ask myself what was important to me, what was I thinking, what made me react certain ways? That helps me create the teenage heroine’s frame of mind.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

As an author, I hope to write another series or a few stand-alone books. In my personal life, I hope to travel more.

Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

Four years ago I was visiting a friend right outside of town. Sarah lives in a ranching and farming community where it’s common for property owners to set up and sell their homegrown produce from their front yard. On this particular summer day, on the way to Sarah’s house, I saw watermelons for sale. I parked on the side of the road, got off my car, and proceeded to ask the owner—a woman in her forties—for the price.

“Oh, they’re not for sale,” she said. “I’m throwing them out. You can help yourself to as many as you like. But I can’t guarantee they’ll be any good.”

“They look fine to me,” I said, inspecting one of the watermelons. I picked it up and thanked the woman.

When I got to Sarah’s house, I cut up the watermelon. Still I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. The only thing that was wrong with it was that it was too warm. I placed it in the icebox, and Sarah and I chatted while the watermelon chilled. Half an hour later, we were enjoying the sweetest watermelon I’d ever tasted. It was so good in fact, that we didn’t realize we’d eaten the whole thing—seeds and all. After sunset, I drove home.

The next morning I woke to the sound of my vibrating phone.

“Hello?” I said, groggily.

“Nely,” Sarah sounded alarmed, “I think—I think I’m pregnant.”

“Congratulations,” I said.

“No, you don’t understand. My stomach is…” She trailed off, and I heard her whimper.

Sarah?” I sat up. That’s when I noticed it. My stomach was like a full moon. I gasped.

“Oh gawd,” Sarah said. “Now I know why my mom always told me not eat watermelon seeds.”

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Dream Warrior–Interview and Giveaway! by Juniper Grove Nights!

 photo Dream-Warrior-Banner.jpg
Title:  Dream Warrior
Series:  Dark Warrior Alliance Book 1
Authors:   Brenda Trim and Tami Julka
Published:  January 28th, 2015
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Content Warning:  Explicit sexual material
Recommended Age:  18+ photo Dream-Warrior.jpg 

Along the edges of darkness, a war of attrition rages between the demon plane and the Tehrex Realm.  Dark Warriors alone stand between humans and the evil that seeks to destroy them.  Zander Tarakesh, the sexy as sin vampire king, leads the battle.  Zander is battle-hardened and accustomed to command, yet wrestles to regain control when his Fated Mate is propelled into his world, bombarding him with unfamiliar emotions.  His life depends on him uniting with Elsie, the slip of a mortal, who unknowingly protects a vital piece of his soul.  Eradicating the demons will be an easier task than combating her sense of guilt and betrayal to gain her acceptance, loyalty, and ultimately her love.  And, he must do this before she plunges a stake in his heart.  One thing is certain; the flames of passion ignite a fire in their shared souls…

Elsie Hayes’ life is shattered after the vicious murder of her husband.  Intent on revenge, she spends her evenings killing creatures others only see in nightmares.  A supernatural event teleports Elsie into a world filled with violence, magic and unexpected lust and love when she is thrust from widow to Fated Mate of the enigmatic vampire king.  Can she lower the protective shield around her heart, giving herself to a vampire whose power is the very reason her life was changed forever?

Elsie woke, drenched in sweat with a scream trapped on her lips and her sheets tangled around her legs. Her sister stirred next to her on the queen-sized mattress. She didn’t want to wake her and shoved a fist into her mouth, stifling the scream from clawing its way out as the images from her nightmare continued to consume her. No matter how long and hard she fought it, the visions and memories refused to leave her. 
It always started the same, with her standing on cracked linoleum in the long hall of the group home where Dalton was murdered. She had relived that entire night countless times over the past eighteen months. She squeezed her eyes shut as the images flooded her aching brain for what seemed like the millionth time. An abattoir surrounded her. The walls were sprayed with blood, and there were pools of the crimson liquid congealing on the black-and-white checkerboard floor. She gagged when she saw a lump of bright, red meat on the floor. Flesh. Yellow flags and cones lined the walls and floor, amidst the carnage. Her stomach revolted while her body went numb. 
In between heaving, she had whispered a plea for help. No one responded and she fell into a heap on the floor. Mindless of the blood she sat in, she gazed at the sight of her husband lying in a pool of blood, his sightless eyes trained on her. His neck had been torn open and shredded. How long she sat there screaming she didn’t know. But, finally, a police officer escorted her away from his body and out of the house where her nightmare was made worse when she came up against a mass of news media shouting questions about her husband being the latest TwiKill victim. Her world came to a crashing halt that night. At that moment, a huge black hole imploded into an endless ache in her chest. 
Now, eighteen months later, that black hole had grown thorns and pierced her heart. The pain forced her to curl into a ball on her bed. She hated how much power the memories had over her. Joining SOVA had been a way to gain some of that power back. Still, she longed to be a normal college student again. You haven’t been normal since you were three years old, she thought wryly.


 photo Brenda-Trim-and-Tami-Julka.jpg

 About the Authors:
Neither Brenda nor Tami grew up writing stories or dreaming of one day being authors but that changed when they shared a joint dream of creating a world to bring to life the stories of a group of dangerously handsome supernaturals.Brenda is a Southern California girl who grew up in chaos, having ten siblings.  Her mother is a brave, courageous woman who gave birth to a small village of children and has successfully battled advanced stage breast cancer for almost two years.  Her parents did something right and taught Brenda how to persevere and accomplish whatever she set her mind to.  Whether that was completing her bachelors and Masters degrees, or writing books, she is always up for a challenge.Brenda survived the brutal murder of her first husband, John DeCaprio, at the hands of the children he was counseling to go on and help children in similar situations.  Brenda remarried years later and now lives with her husband and their three fun-loving, energetic children.  She loves running, reading, cooking, and Monster Energy drinks.  And, Tami’s margaritas!Tami is a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. She is married and has two boys, so needless to say, she is surrounded by testosterone. We are trying to bottle Tami’s strength and positive outlook on life.  It has helped her beat breast cancer and she is a proud three-year survivor. She loves reading paranormal romances, running at the lake near her home, watching college football (Go Dawgs!!!), and is always in search of the next best margarita.

Their life journeys led them both to Texas and one another.  They fast became best friends and can always be found together.  Whether it’s lounging by the pool or writing steamy love scenes, they are frequently seen pissing themselves from laughter.  It’s embarrassing, really.  But that’s ok, life is good!

 Here’s my interview with these lovely ladies!
  1. Describe your relationship with a good book.

A good book is like a great love affair. You’d rather be immersed between the pages just like you’d be between the sheets. You put off house work, laundry and anything else just to get to the next chapter. And, the more passion, the better.

  1. When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

If you don’t count college, and trust us, we don’t because those years were too long ago to remember. Dream Warrior was our first endeavor as authors and we are most proud of it. It’s our baby and took us two years and countless revisions to get to the version you can download today. We are immensely proud of the accomplishment and hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

  1. Please describe your work ethic as an author.

Our work ethic involves laughter, candy and Monster Energy Drinks. We write every day and our routine is the same. It’s like any other job, you’ve got to put the time in. When we have conflicts we take sick leave and make the hours up later in the day. When not writing, we focus on the business aspect of being an Indie author and talking about ideas for future books.

  1. How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

We are married with children and our writing is primarily when they are at school and work. We switch to mom role when they get home and become taxi, swim mom, teacher and nurse. We stuff the job of taking care of the house into every free half hour that we can and if there is a larger pile of dirty laundry or if the toys need to be picked up, that’s okay.

  1. Why did you write this book?

We had many great love affairs with books and would develop stories on our walks to the elementary school in the afternoons. Finally, we decided to write them down. It was amazing how each idea has taken a life of its own. It’s been a blast!

  1. What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

We began Dream Warrior with the inspiration of the murder of Brenda’s first husband, but we really use life as inspiration. We carry an iPad and are constantly telling each other to jot ideas down so we don’t forget. Nothing is held sacred from us and we’ve had all of our friends sign a waiver! Our motto is, ‘it’ll end up in a book’.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

Our goal was to have seven books released in our first year and we will reach that, if not, surpass it. Of course, we’d love to make a best sellers list, but honestly we have so many stories that we still want to share. Once we opened that closet door, the skeletons fell out and just keep coming. Some have been charred by the fire of life and some still have bloody bits of flesh clinging to them, but they all make for juicy stories. Outside life? What’s that?

  1. Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

We have to confess that we really aren’t best friends…we’re twin sisters. And, to top it off, we’re vampires. Don’t tell our parents (Zander and Elsie), but Dream Warrior is their story. We grew up hearing the great love story between mom and dad and always thought it romantic. When dad issued a royal decree telling us that he wasn’t supporting us any longer (Apparently, we should be able to earn our keep when we reach one hundred and twenty five. Absurd, right?), we decided to pretend to be humans and publish their story as a way to support ourselves. Writing the love scenes between our parents forced us into therapy, but even with that expense, we are rolling in the money, so we’ve decided to move on and write Uncle Jace and Aunt Cailyn’s story then Uncle Kyran and Aunt Mackendra’s. If mom doesn’t put us in the Zeum dungeons after that, we plan to cover the whole family. Who knew dysfunction was so lucrative? Thanks for joining us on this adventure and we hope you’ll stay tuned for more to come.

Giveaway Details:
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Secret Voices Book Tour and Tens List!

secret voices


Title: Secret Voices

Series: The Spirit of Destiny Series, Book 3 (Standalone)

Author: Lynn Donovan

Published: March 31st, 2015

Publisher: AltWit Press

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Recommended Age: 13+



The voices in Keisha’s head know where her fiancé has been left for dead, but who will believe her?

Keisha Moore has a secret which has been kept hidden her entire life. But when her fiancé, Clifford Valdez, disappears and the authorities dismiss it as lovers’ remorse, she has to tell somebody. Can she make anybody understand the four voices in her head are real, and they know where Clifford has been taken? How can she save the man she loves without revealing her deepest secret?


Clifford and Keisha Announce Engagement

Clifford and Keisha spilled through the front door, giggling. Her mother pressed her brows together, puzzled by their sudden entrance and vivacity.

Has the game started?Clifford yelled to whoever was in the den.

Zeke yelled back. Not yet. Youre just in time.

Clifford helped Keisha slip out of her coat. She intentionally left her gloves on. He unwrapped her scarf from her neck and wound it on the coat hanger along with her coat. She turned to do the same for him, except he pulled his gloves off and slid them into his coat pockets. She skipped into the den, giggling like a little girl. Clifford, too, chuckled as he followed close behind her. Zeke and Rose stared with an expectant smile.

Daniel looked up from coloring at the coffee table and laughed. Their effervescent joy was contagious.

Phylliss eyes crinkled as she watched Keisha move between everybody seated and the T.V. Well, for heavens sake, come sit down. Why are you still wearing your gloves?

Oh,Keisha coyly pulled at her right glove. I thought Id keep them on…” She handed the right glove to Clifford whose grin widened as he took it from her. His eyebrows rose as she teasingly pulled at her left glove. “…until I could show you…” She yanked the glove off and held her hand up with the ring facing out. “…this!

OH!Phyllis cried and leaped to her feet.

Daniel looked around, a puzzled look on his face, as the adults ran up to hug Clifford and Keisha. He ran up, too. The National Anthem played on the T.V., but it was ignored. The Moores hugged their future son-in-law. Rose and Zeke clasped hands. Daniel was hoisted on Zekes hip for a five-person group hug. Congratulations were repeated over and over. Even Inez clasped her hands with joy.

When? Bob finally asked.

Keisha glanced at Clifford. He shrugged.

I have no idea.Keisha looked at her mom. A dampened sense of sadness blanketed her joy for a moment. If Mom did have some form of dementia, how long would her memory last? We havent discussed it.

Clifford squeezed her close to his side. Had he read her mind, noticed her concerns for Mom? Soon, I think.

She looked at him sternly. Yeah?

Clifford nodded.

You heard my fiancé.” She nodded. “Soon.


No Word from Clifford

At six oclock Keisha pulled left-over muffins from the display case and sacked them up for the freezer. Clifford hadnt called or texted all day. A gnawing sensation burned in her stomach. Where was he? She scanned the street through the bakerys plate-glass windows. Every call to his cell phone had gone to his voice mail. Another call to the office itself reached the new receptionist, Gloria, who had seen him come in after his morning classes, but hadnt seen him since. But of course, according to Clifford, she was so overwhelmed learning his old job, Santa Claus could have come in and she probably wouldnt have noticed. Keisha had asked for his voice mail and left a message.

An empty feeling stayed with her as she locked the front door and exited out the back.

Deidres voice sounded muffled and sing-song. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Tit for tat and all of that.

What? Are you drunk, Deidre? Keisha drove home without the radio on. She wanted to be able to hear her phone chime when Clifford called.

How could I be drunk?

Dont know. How can you talk to me in the first place?

Point taken.

Somebody needs to shut up! Abbie jeered in a sing-song imitation.

Shell figure it out eventually, Deidre replied back but still in the sing-song tone.

Its not your place! Abbie sang.

What? Keisha turned onto her street.


What will I figure out eventually?


You guys make me so mad, sometimes.Keisha shoved the front door open and stomped into her house. This was another gift from Rose after she married Zeke, the deed to Roses parents house. Keisha let her purse drop onto the bench in the mud room, the entry area of the house, and hung up her coat. Glancing at her phone again, with no text reply or missed calls, she decided to call Pastor V.


Lynn Donovan spends her days chasing after her muses, trying to get them to settle down and behave long enough to write down their words and actions. The results have produced short stories published in anthologies: The Clockwork Dragon, Different Dragons II, and Supernatural Colorado. Lynn’s full-length novels include The Wishing Well Curse, Thorns of Betrayal, and Secret Voices. She has also published Rocking Horse Shadows, and Christmas Grace, Signing Seeds. Other stories are hovering out there somewhere, so keep a look out for Fertility Pirates, Echoes from the Loft, and White Blossom Cottage.

Lynn enjoys reading and writing Christian, Paranormal, and Speculative Fiction. But you never know what her muses will come up with for a story, you could see a novel under any given genre. All that can be said is keep your eyes open, cause these muses are not sitting still for long! Oops, there they go again…

Tens List

Top 10 things the voice(s) in your head say (as answered by Lynn Donovon).

Thats funny, considering Secret Voices is about four distinctly different voices in my characters headbut putting that aside:

I have a running dialog in my head all the time. Lets see if I can put it into ten things.

  1. Im hungry.

Its not time to eat.

But, I want a snack.



Oh, all right.

  1. What are the bees doing? (we have bees and they fascinate me! I go out and check on them all the time, like a new mother checks to see if her newborn is breathing. <giggle>

  2. Theres chocolate in the kitchen

  3. What do we need from the grocery store?

  4. I want to watch TV.

You need to go write.


  1. Ooo, look at that bird!

  2. Hey, I know you’re writing that story, but I have this idea

  3. What day is it?

  4. What time is it?

  5. Whats for dinner?


The book: Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Good Reads

The author:  Amazon Author Page Facebook  Twitter  Good Reads  Blog

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Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver–Spotlight & Giveaway

This is a book that everyone should read.  With the American population living longer and longer, chances are that you will have to care for an elderly family member at some point in your life, if you haven’t already.  It’s never easy, especially if dementia is involved.  I took care of my mother-in-law from my first marriage who suffered from Alzheimer’s, I helped take care of my maternal grandmother who was just old and in failing health, I took care of my first husband who had a chronic and debilitating injury, and I’m currently helping to take care of my paternal grandmother who suffers from dementia.  She knows that something is wrong, but she doesn’t understand what’s wrong, and she’s extremely frustrated that she can’t find her car keys so she can drive her car into the river.  Well, we hid the keys.  My children have been a great help with her though, because they don’t mind at all helping her tear the house apart looking for her car keys, and they absolutely delight in helping her try out every single key that she finds in the ignition of her car.  So, read the book, buy it for a family member, and remember to look up support groups in your area and respite services for caregivers if you find yourself in Bobbi’s situation.



Bobbi Carducci’s life was about to change. Her ill father-in-law’s odd behavior was a mystery when he came to live with her and Mike. For the next seven years Bobbi did everything she could to save him from himself – while he tried to convince everyone that he didn’t need her and that she was crazy.

A nonfiction that reads like a novel, Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver, is the story of a real family dealing with one of the fastest growing issues of our day. Caring for seriously ill family members at home. Meet Bobbi Carducci. Laugh, cry and pray with her as she does the hardest job she ever loved.

Every 26 seconds another person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in the U.S.

“For fifteen years I’d known him as my gentle, henpecked father-in-law. A man who longed for a little peace and quiet and always seemed eager to please. As saddened as I was by my mother-in-law’s passing, I had believed that living in my home, free from the constant yelling and criticism, he’d come out of his shell and begin to enjoy life.

Sitting in a hospital parking lot so many years later, I was just beginning to discover how very wrong I’d been.

Had he been pretending all these years? Is the real Rodger the one who announced to the nursing staff that I’m useless and no damned good? Does the medicine he takes every day allow him to be himself, or does it mask his true nature? Who is this man who lives in my house and paces the halls late at night? …

Where did I go wrong? What did I miss and how can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? Those questions and more went unanswered as I covered the miles between the hospital and home, my mind and body too tired to cope with the guilt I felt at that moment. Despite all my good intentions, I’d let him down.”

Confessions-of-an-Imperfect-Caregiver (1)


The Stats:

Title: Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver

Author: Bobbi Carducci

Published: July 26th, 2014

Publisher: Open Books Press

Genre: Creative Non-fiction, Memoir

Recommended Age: 13+

Bobbi-Carducci (1)

Intrigued by TV doctors, Bobbi Carducci told everyone she was going to be a brain surgeon when she grew up.  When she couldn’t bring herself to cut up a frog in biology class she realized she had to find another way to get inside people’s heads and became a writer instead.

Bobbi was an in home caregiver for her serious ill father-in-law, Rodger, for seven years. Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver is the first book in a planned Caregiver series depicting the true stories of people caring for loved ones at home.

Bobbi Carducci is a former senior staff writer for the Purcellville Gazette, a small Washington, D.C. area newspaper. Her short stories appear in the Chicken Soup for the Soul and Cup of Comfort Anthologies as well is in print and online magazines.

Bobbi’s book for young readers, Storee Wryter Gets a Dog, received both a Mom’s Choice Award and a Living Now Award for Excellence. It was also named A Best Dog Book for Young Readers by Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer.

For three years she wrote a monthly book review column for About Families Publications before resigning to concentrate on writing Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver and her blog, The Imperfect Caregiver. Bobbi also writes regularly on care giving for and The Caregiver Space.

The Links

The Book    Amazon    Barnes & Noble    Good Reads

Bobbi Carducci  Amazon Author Page  Facebook  Twitter Good Reads  blog Website

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“Prodigal and Riven” book tour and giveaway!

Prodigal-Riven-Tour-Banner (1)



Though I’ve never been here before, the darkness is familiar, comforting. Above me, the moon reaches its apex, the soft, full glow illuminating the sky so the stars are barely visible. I nestle against the bark of a large pine tree. There’s no snow on the ground yet, but the air is heavy with the promise of a coming storm. The smell is crisp and clean and not at all like home.


The Hollow Tower.

Subconsciously, my hand goes to my arm, gently stroking the device wound around my wrist. The Tether is a Tesla invention, something the Hollows aren’t supposed to use. But there was no way was I going to try to get permission for this little trip, so I made an exception. Ember brought a few Tethers with her when she defected from The Institute. I doubt she’ll even be upset when she figures out that I pinched one from Nobel’s lab. He’s working on re-creating them for us, a welcome alternative to the stomach churning Contra we normally use. In the past few weeks, things have changed rapidly in The Hollow Tower, and one of those things is my newfound friendship with Ember—a girl I’d been all too willing to kill just a few short weeks ago.

The enemy of my enemy and all that.

No, this was better. Getting permission would mean going to Gloves for Contra, and he would want to know why I needed it. I’m not ready to face him—or the others—just yet. Not until I’m absolutely sure.

During my last mission, I’d found one of Tesla’s old journals. I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, if not for the emblem sketched on the first page, the symbol so like the mark I carried below my naval.

As a rule, Rifters don’t remember our pasts; it’s all part of the process, the washing away of our memories. Lex and Ember are the only ones I know who recovered those lost years, who know who they are and where they come from. For them, it is a mixed blessing. It brought them back together as brother and sister, but also brought back the truth about everything they lost.

And they lost so much.

I was never curious about my past before that. The Hollow Tower had been my home since I was only a few years old— much younger than most of the others when they were brought in. I always assumed there was something tragic, some dark reason I was taken so young. And unlike Lex, I was perfectly content not remembering.

Until now.

I creep through the woods to the dirty window of the cabin, stepping carefully in my tall, black leather boots. The slightest noise will alert the paranoid man inside to my presence. Luckily, I have plenty of practice sneaking up on people. Inside, Tesla fiddles with a rat’s nest of antenna wiring that drops through a duct in the roof. Crouching down, I blow on my hands and rub them together. Being at fourteen thousand feet elevation smack in the middle of the Rocky Mountains isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. I have a major headache, my toes are numb, and my nose is running like a leaky faucet. I sniffle hard and my ears pop from the pressure building in my sinuses. It’s going to take a week’s worth of hot showers just to get warm again.

I watch through the glass as Tesla gets frustrated with the wiring, throws a handful of tools against the wall, and begins pacing back and forth, running his hands through his jet-black hair and down his face, yelling at the wad of copper filament on the wood floor. Finally, he slumps into a chair facing a chalkboard on the wall. Pouring himself a drink from a half-empty bottle of amber-colored liquid on the table beside him, he rests the glass against his forehead.

This is one of the few times I’ve been able to catch him alone. For a recluse, he somehow manages to keep a constant orbit of assistants and hangers-on nearby. Tonight, however, he’s working alone, having long since sent the others away in a fit of frustration.

The window has warped with age, forming ripples in the glass. Between that and the frost beginning to form, it’s getting harder to see. Trying to ignore the cold biting at my fingers and the tips of my nose and ears, I lean forward, forcing my eyes to focus through the distortion. This is actually the closest I’ve ever been to him. He sits there, red faced and sweaty, swigging another mouthful of alcohol. His suit coat has a hole in the elbow and half of the collar is folded inside the jacket. His shoes and pants are muddy to the knees. I’ve never seen him so disheveled, or so drunk. I check the date on my Tether. It’s my third trip to get what I need from him. I’ve tried twice before, in other times and other places, only to wind up empty-handed. If I don’t get what I came for tonight, I don’t know when I’ll be able to try again. The others are already growing suspicious of my random disappearances—especially Lex. He’s entirely too tuned into me. It’s hard to keep things from him. Unlike the others, he has an uncanny ability to see through me, and he never hesitates to call me on my crap.

I kind of love that about him.

But as with Gloves and the others, I am stuck keeping secrets from him. Right now, all I have is a pile of questions with no answers. What I found written in the tattered journal pages read like fiction—the insane ramblings of a lunatic scientist. But there was something else too, bits and pieces that when put together…



The Stats:

Title: Prodigal and Riven

Series: The Lost Imperials Series, books 2 and 3

Author: Tyler H. Jolley and Sherry D. Ficklin

Published: May 5th, 2015

Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing

Genre: YAm Steampunk, Time Travel

Content Warning: Violence, adult language, and mild romance

Synopsis: Welcome to the TIME WAR

STEIN has been with the Hollows for as long as she can remember. Taken as a child, she has no memories of her past—and that’s always been fine by her. Until the day she stumbles across a hidden journal containing the devastating truth about her paternity. Now everything she thought she knew—and everyone she thought she could trust—has changed. The truth about who she is and where she came from is a secret so deep, it will rock the Hollows and the Tesla Institute alike.

ETHAN is left with a serious problem after what should have been a routine mission. He’s fractured—a break between mind and body that leaves him at the mercy of his Rifter abilities, which are quickly tearing him apart. He will have to trust the only person who might know how to fix him, a mysterious Rifter named Stewart Stills, who seems to have a special connection with the time stream.



Sherry D. Ficklin is a full time writer from Colorado where she lives with her husband, four kids, two dogs, and a fluctuating number of chickens and house guests. She can often be found browsing her local bookstore with a large white hot chocolate in one hand and a towering stack of books in the other. That is, unless she’s on deadline at which time she, like the Loch Ness monster, is only seen in blurry photographs. She is the author of several YA novels ranging from contemporary romance to science fiction. In her spare time she co-hosts the Pop Lit Divas radio show and is constantly trying to take over the world.

Tyler Jolley was born in the era of the Star Wars and the Indiana Jones sagas. He has been enamored with science fiction and adventure stories ever since. In order to support his hobby of writing he decided to pursue dentistry. He graduated from Nova Southeastern University School of Dental Medicine in 2002. He then completed a four year orthodontic and periodontic residency at the University of Pennsylvania. In June 2006, he opened a private practice, Jolley Smiles, in Grand Junction, Colorado.Snowboarding, mountain biking, road biking, fly fishing, bird hunting, camping, hiking, and backpacking are the things he enjoys doing with his family. He also enjoys lecturing internationally on temporary orthodontic implants. Some of his journal articles have also been published in the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics. However, his true passion has always been fiction writing.When life gets stressful he escapes to unseen worlds to find relaxation. His career has been the vehicle to let him write without worry. He finds inspiration from most of his adolescent patients. He continues to dream up fun and thrilling books to this day.

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