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Juniper Grove Book Solutions ( is an independent publicity company that serves authors and publishers.  While their specialty is promoting books and authors via online and social media outlets, that is certainly not all they can do.  Being an independent company, they have the time, means, and drive to serve their clients in ways that big conglomerate companies just can’t compete with.  They are always excited to be approached by new clients, whether by first time authors or seasoned veterans of the publishing industry.  Juniper Grove Book Solutions is also always excited to welcome into the fold new media outlets.  Do you have a blog, vlog, podcast, tumblr mini-blog, or some other online presence?  Then you should sign up to be one of our web hosts!  Hosting a book blitz or virtual book tour stop is fun and fairly effortless.  All you have to do is to complete the tasks that you’ve agreed to when you agree to have them completed.  And I’m sure that you already do that, don’t you?  Being a tour host helps lighten the burden of always having to come up with new and creative content, plus it advertises your web presence to an audience you may not have tapped into yet.  It’s a guaranteed traffic booster!  Juniper Grove Book Solutions also strives to cater to readers, who, let’s face it, are what publicity really hinges on.  The JGBS page and social media accounts are constantly updated with new and exciting give-aways, contests, and opportunities to get free or discounted eBooks.  For more information, visit or email

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