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Bitter Black Kiss

Title: Bitter Black Kiss

Author: Michelle Clay

Published: July 17th, 2015

Publisher: Hot Ink Press

Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Content Warning: Explicit sexual content

Age Recommendation: 18+


~ Synopsis ~


Former event planner Nicole Riley lost not only her job, but part of her humanity when a concert in L.A., fails catastrophically and the band attacks a rival werewolf pack. Now Nicky keeps her “inner beast” subdued by taking wolfs bane and refuses to become a monster. She’s trying to rebuild her reputation and manages the Bitter Black nightclub where Brody Dunn is the dee-jay.

Brody Dunn, a former special crimes detective turned private investigator, plays on Nicole’s sympathy by claiming to have just suffered a wolf bite. He keeps his past, careers, agenda and just about everything else from Nicole – except for his attraction.

They have bigger problems than Brody’s lies. Nicole’s boss is a ruthless drug lord, determined to have Nicole for himself. The danger increases for everyone when he challenges the local Alpha. If they survive, and she can forgive Brody’s betrayal, will she accept what they’ve become?

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~ About the Author ~


Michelle Clay

Even as a child, Michelle wasn’t afraid of the things that went bump in the night. In fact, the thought of a world where werewolves roamed and Dracula reigned king may seem like an eldritch dream to most, but was exciting to Michelle. Instead of turning on a light for comfort, she reveled in the dark, imagining the lives of what was out there roaming the night and frightening those who didn’t truly appreciate how interesting the supernatural really were.

Nowadays, her visions continuously take shape as she brings life to the worlds she has imagined since childhood. These wild imaginings have informed and enriched her storytelling as an adult, bringing a fresh new voice to the paranormal romance and erotica genres.

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We are ecstatic to have with us today Michelle Clay!

  • 1) Describe your relationship with a good book.

When I find a good book, I want to curl up somewhere comfy and read for hours on end. I want the rest of the world to leave me alone because I become one with that story. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Kindle book or an actual spine with pages book… I’ll grip it and hold it close until I’m done or until I fall asleep. And God forbid anyone interrupt me. lol

  • 2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

Fantastic question. I started writing (not very well) when I was in high school. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when my YA novel, The Bad Wolf got published that I felt like maybe this writer thing was something I might actually be decent at. I’m glad it did though, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be when I grow up. *wink*

  • 3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

As an author I do my best to write a damn good story. I don’t want to let down my fans, so I put my all into everything I write. I can’t tell you the amount of self-editing I do or revisions to make each and every story shine its brightest.

  • 4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

That’s a difficult one, as I also have a full-time job. Thankfully, I don’t require a lot of sleep! lol

  • 5) Why did you write this book?

I have always loved lycanthropic (werewolf) lore and movies. The idea that they could only transform during the full moon has always bothered me. I wanted a feasible antidote to that. I thought hey, since the lycans were out of the closet, so to speak, the drug dealers would figure out a way to capitalize on it. So, here we have Bitter Black Kiss – Werewolves, strippers, drug lords… oh my!

  • 6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

For this particular work, a traumatic dog attack was pulled out of my past trauma bucket. Of course it was nowhere near as bad as in this book. Thank goodness!! Some of the other books have experiences that I’ve gone through or that others have shared with me.

  • 7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

World domination? Ha, seriously though… I’d love to see Bitter Black Kiss or my YA novel, The Bad Wolf, made into a movie! Realistically, I’d like to be able to write full time and work on a screenplay or two.

  • 8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

I’m actually a mermaid. I’m only allowed to be here on land until next spring then I have to return to the sea. It’s like a work visa, of sorts. I have to go to the ocean and wait for my ride… a majestic narwhal. Will you guys be there to see me off?

~ Excerpt ~

“So, what are you going to do?”

He frowned, lost. “During the full moon?”
Nicole nodded.
He’d considered attending the Wild Hunt, have a night of debauchery, but he figured it would be unwise. The current leader was itching for him to join. His presence would be taken as an agreement to become part of the pack.
“I suppose I could restrain myself until the next morning.” The idea posed a multitude of mouthwatering possibilities if she’d agree to detain herself with him. “You know, just in case I’m unable to control myself.”
“That’s what I do. Restrain myself.” They approached her red Mazda. “I send Molly away and lock myself in my bedroom.”
Brody envisioned her tethered to the bed. The image made him salivate. She might run away screaming if she knew he had a raging hard-on. Ideas like this just made him want her more. “You take an ungodly amount of wolfsbane then what? You just wait it out?”
“I don’t like the urges I get. I can’t live that way.”
“Maybe you just need someone to show you— to help you through it.” He grasped her hand and pulled her toward him. She didn’t resist. Her free hand lay against his chest. Her chin tilted up, and her eyes were full of curiosity. His lips were mere inches from hers. He closed his eyes and lowered his head, almost expecting her to turn away. She didn’t.
Nicole’s eyes fluttered shut, and her body melted against his. He brought a hand to her lower back. The other found its way to her ponytail and set her hair free. It fell around her shoulders and tickled his skin. One of Nicole’s hands found its way beneath his shirt. Fingertips fluttered against his stomach then across his chest. Their tongues danced together, and he deepened the kiss. The hand on her back fell lower to cup her ass.
Brody walked her backward, toward the back end of the car. He hadn’t made out in the backseat of a car in ages, but damn…
The door opened though he didn’t recall which of them did it. Nicole lay back on the seat, her eyes half open, watching his every move. One of her running shoes lay in the sand outside while the other had been kicked to the floorboard.
He sank into the seat with a low, sexy growl. Damn, this blonde bombshell… he had to have her.

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