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About the Book


Title: Reprieve

Author: Celeste Hollister

Published: December 8th, 2015

Publisher: Elsekind Publishing

Genre: Literary Fiction

Content Warning: Graphic, non-gratuitous sex scenes

Age Recommendation: 17+


“Don’t you think someone might miss him—that man we found?” Meredith asked. “He must have a family, someone who wonders day after day where he is and whether he’s safe and why he left. I know what that’s like to wait and wait for someone who never comes home.”

Gale gaped at her.

Meredith said, “Someone needs to know he’s never coming home.”


In the summer of 92, Gale and Meredith find the body of a dead black man in the river of their all-white hometown. They go for help, but when the search doesn’t turn up a body, Meredith’s father, the police chief, accuses them of making it all up. That night, Gale runs away from home, turning Meredith’s whole world inside out.

Thirteen years later, Meredith finds Gale’s picture in a magazine. Desperate to make sense of her life, she tracks him down and invokes a childhood promise that will lead them back home.

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About the Author


Celeste Hollister

Celeste Hollister is a novelist, a mom, a travel writer, and a teacher. She writes characters who struggle with racial identity and LGBT+ representation. She graduated from Texas State with a degree in writing, taught in the public school system for a decade, and lived in Korea for a year. She loves wine, cats, cookies, and traveling by train. She currently lives in San Marcos with her daughter and their friendly feline overlord.

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“It took all of twelve hours from the time I found your picture in GQ to getting your address from Ceravolo’s assistant,” she said.

“Your point?” Gale asked.

She bit down her frustration. “Okay, so maybe you just had to leave Levine because your life sucked beyond belief. I didn’t search for you after you left, not like your Dad did—”

Gale’s eyes flicked to hers.

“—And he did,” she said. “Until it left him dry. But I found you. I don’t usually believe in such things, but I think there’s a reason—”

“—Ah, God—”

“—Not like that.” She tightened her fists until the gash on her palm twinged. “Don’t you think someone might miss him—that man we found? He must have a family, someone who wonders day after day where he is, and whether he’s safe, and why he left. I know what that’s like to wait and wait for someone who never comes home.”

He stared at her.

“Someone needs to know he’s never coming home.”

“Mer,” he said.

“So I’m going back.”


“—Yes. I’m going back,” she said.

“Meredith, no.”

A laugh broke from her, a low, bitter sound. “And you’re coming with me.”

Gale was up again. He shoved the table. “Why?” he said. “Why would I do that? Why would I go back to the Bible-Thumping, Proud-to-Be-Confederacy Capital of Texas. Why?”

“Because you were there—”

“—Oh, I know what this is,” he said, stabbing a finger at her. “Miss Barbie Princess fell down and cracked her head. Found out you’re not so impenetrable in your Malibu Dream House?”

She sputtered, speechless.

“That’s right, I know,” he said. “I read it all on Yahoo! News. Live-in girlfriend of Jerome fucking Snow.”

She pressed cold fingertips to her eyelids. “Oh no.”

Gale said, “He know you’re here?”

“No. He doesn’t.” She opened her eyes and re-focused. “This isn’t about him.”

Gale took the empty chair beside her. “Hey, if you’re running, I’ll run, too. Got nothing tying me here.”

“I’m not running.”

“Really?” He traced the bandage on her forehead. “Mr. Playboy Billionaire do this?”

“I’m not running,” she said again. “Not from him.”

Gale looked as though he still had his doubts.

“You remember that summer?” she said. “All the stunts we pulled, all the trouble?”

His lips pulled into a lop-sided smile. “Spray-painting the trestle bridge—”

“—Getting caught sneaking out of my bedroom window—”

“—Lest we forget ramping my Dad’s Harley into the Levine Middle School Marquee,” Gale said. He rolled his shoulder at the memory. “Broke my arm—”

“—You’re lucky it wasn’t your neck.”

“And the shoplifting,” he said, grinning now. “From Two Sisters Christian Books. Guess I’m going to Hell for that one.”

“You remember what you took?”

A muscle in his neck twitched. “Yeah, I remember.”

“You remember what you said when you gave it to me?”

He lowered his eyes. “I said so long as you wore it, I’d be with you,” he said. “I promised.”

Meredith pulled the platinum chain from under her camisole. The nautilus pendant swung between her face and his. “You promised.”

“Fuck,” he said and lit another cigarette. And Meredith knew, for better or worse, that Gale would follow her home.


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Buzzing Book: Persephone & Me by Corinne Desjardins #Giveaway

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About the Book


Persephone and Me

Title: Persephone & Me

Author: Corinne Desjardins

Published: December 10th, 2013

Genre: Women’s Poetry

Age Recommendation: 16+



A poetry collection following my youthful fascination with Persephone and how she came to haunt me. I saw her constellation of characters within my own family and my own life. Ultimately, describing what I learned from the goddess.

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About the Author


I am a writer. I love stories. I love to read. I love to write. Also love coffee, chocolate, and Merlot.

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Perceiving Red



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Buzzing Book: Ariel Rising by AJ & CS Sparber #Giveaway

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About the Book

Ariel Rising

Title: Ariel Rising

Authors: AJ and CS Sparber

Published: October 30th, 2015

Publisher: Mind’s Eye Press

Genre: YA Paranormal

Age Recommendation: 14+



My dreams were simple. College, a career, and let’s see what happens from there. But things don’t always go according to plan.

My name is Ari Worthington and I’ve had a very eventful week. A life-changing week. The kind of week that would make the average person whimper.

It started when my ex-boyfriend Luke accosted me in the woods.

How badly was I injured? Not a scratch. And Luke? Not so lucky. Nope, I whupped him good. It surprised the heck out of me. And it probably surprised him, too—once he woke up.

And then I met Davin. Handsome, witty, amazing Davin. Perfect in every way, unless you think being an alien, from a planet called Olympus, might be a liability.

“Seriously? Your planet is named after a Greek mountain?” I ask him.

“Actually, it’s the other way around,” he tells me. “The mountain was named after us. We’ve been visiting Earth for a very, very long time. As a matter of fact, we are responsible for human evolution.”

So, ancient aliens are real? Yeah. But there’s more. Davin’s an angel, which I could have handled, would have handled, if only he hadn’t told me I was one, too.

“But we don’t have wings,” I say.

“Real angels don’t need wings,” he counters.

“Ah, that explains everything,” I reply.

So, you think this is just another angel story? Well, it’s not. It’s got humor, romance, adventure, science, tragedy, and… did I say romance? It’ll make you think, and laugh, and cry.

Davin and I, you see, are part of a larger plan. A noble plan. A plan to save the sons and daughters of man, or what’s left of them, after the war. A big war.

Okay, enough of my rambling. Davin and I need to get back to training. And you’ve got some reading to do, yeah?

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About the Authors


AJ and CS Sparber

When it comes to being a husband and wife (or wife and husband) writing team, there are advantages, or benefits. Chief among them is that you get to practice the love scenes. He writes, she steers, and…well, it’s fun. He is a software designer and she is a doctor of education. AJ and CS Sparber live in the lovely town of Hudson, Ohio, with their son Ryan, their daughter Melanie, and an Aussie shepherd named Hunter.

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Davin and I walk to my house in silence. In my mind, I keep seeing our kiss, the expression on his face when he pulled away, how humiliated I felt.

“Well, thank you for seeing me home safely,” I say softly.

“Ari, can we talk?”

“I guess.” I nod toward the swing chair on the front porch. “Let’s sit. I’m really tired.”

I sit down and turn sideways, pulling my knees up to my chin. Davin sits down next to me, keeping as much distance between us as he can. “I hurt you,” he says.

“What makes you say that?”

“I have a well-developed sense of perception.” He manages a thin smile.

“I had no right to kiss you like that, Davin. It was inappropriate. I mean, we’ve only known each other for two days. I don’t know what came over me. One minute I was looking into your eyes and the next thing I knew, I was kissing you…”

“And I kissed you back,” he finishes.

“Obviously. But the way you reacted…it was hurtful.”

“I didn’t mean…”

“It’s not your fault. I was the aggressor.”

“And I was an accessory to the crime.”


“Perhaps that was a bad choice of words. The fact is, I could not let myself be distracted. We were in a vulnerable position and we were physically drained from the healing.”

His eyes look sad. Conflicted. Can this impossibly old Warrior simply be socially awkward? “There are more tactful ways to end an ill-timed kiss.”

“Ari,” he says softly, “In times of extreme stress, emotions cannot always be trusted.”

“Balderdash. So, you think I was looking for comfort? A quick kiss, a calming fix?” I practically spit the words out. He thinks I’m weak!

Davin shakes his head slowly. “That’s not what I think at all…” A smile slowly forms on his lips. “Balderdash? I like that word.”

I roll my eyes. “Tell me what you really think, Davin. I’m dying to know. Do you think I’m an emotional wreck?” I’m building up a head of steam. “Why did you kiss me back?”

“It’s complicated.”

“Bull! That’s a copout.”


“If you want to help me…if you really want to keep me safe, you have to be honest with me. I kissed you because I like you, Davin. I’m attracted to you. Perhaps it’s a reaction to stress, but I need to deal with it, not run from it.” My tone softens as I continue. “I think you like me, too. In fact, I’m pretty damn sure of it.”

The look on his face tells me all I need to know, and I smile inside.

He sighs deeply and nods. “The truth is, I seem to be drawn to you like a moth to moonlight and I’m not sure I understand why. But if I am to keep you safe, I cannot afford to be distracted. Not now. Not yet. Not here.”

I don’t know how to respond, so I stare at him, like an idiot.



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Buzzing Cover Reveal: The Healing Frequency by Jiulio Consiglio

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About the Book

Healing Frequency
Title: The Healing Frequency
Author: Jiulio Consiglio
Published: January 5, 2016
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Genre: Spiritual Non-Fiction
Age Recommendation: 17+


Pain, Depression, Loss…

In the fall of 2005 the life of dental health care educator Jiulio Consiglio dramatically changed course after he awakened to the frequency and experience of inner stillness. In The Healing Frequency, Consiglio recalls the adversities he has faced such as years of intense anxiety, the death of a brother, a failed marriage and his own cancer diagnosis that ultimately led him to a shift-a miraculous shift in consciousness. Feeling his life was heading into a bottomless downward spiral, nothing could have prepared him for what the Universe had in store for him.

In this powerful and answer-filled guide to enlightenment, spiritual teacher Jiulio Consiglio offers his experience of personal suffering which created the perfect condition for him to make the quantum leap into enlightenment. After failing to find answers in the world around him, the author at the age of 33 surrendered and experienced an unimaginable and life changing awakening-the activation of the third eye.

In this book he shares the timeless wisdom of the soul and demonstrates the power, wisdom and clarity that lies dormant within all of us. As Jiulio contends, we all have the potential and ability to heal ourselves through inner transformation. Through the frequency of inner stillness he reveals that there is more to us than the thinking mind; a greater part to us, a vastness that has the ability to heal us from the separation from our Source and each other.

A timely written book as more and more people search for answers; The Healing Frequency offers you a simple invitation-an invite into the knowing of inner stillness.


About the Author

Jiulio Consiglio

Jiulio Consiglio is a former dental health educator turned spiritual writer and teacher. Following several personal adversities, Consiglio, at the age of thirtythree, experienced an unfathomable and life-altering spiritual transformation that resulted in the transcendence of the conditioned mind. His writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness and the mind-body connection. His message is unadorned and to the point: there is life beyond fear and incessant thinking, and it is found in the dimension of inner stillness. Jiulio currently offers his consciousness-based teachings to individuals and groups. He lives in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads


“Everyone wants to be happy, but authentic happiness has nothing to do with your station in life, the money you have, or the things you own. Happiness, the kind that conscious beings can call forth at will, is based on nothing outside of yourself. This happiness is founded in certainty, in peace, in inner stillness.”

“If you truly value something, you will automatically have a great appreciation for it. What value can you place on knowing and remembering your authentic self?

“When you are centered in your consciousness and aligned with stillness, there is no reaction that can withstand the power of unconditional love. No fear can long survive it. No anger can stand up to it. And no darkness can remain present in this space because the One who stands there for you is your highest self, God.”

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