A Maze in Grace–Poetry is alive!

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Title:  A Maze in Grace

Author:  Denise Dwyer D’Errico
Published:  December 3rd, 2014
Genre:  Poetry
Poetry about the twists and turns of life. Explore your own challenges and honor your blessings as you read A Maze in Grace.

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About the Author:
Denise Dwyer D’Errico is a married, working mother of two young children, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from St. Mary’s College of California, and a Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministries: Liturgical Music from Santa Clara University. She is the composer of “Be Still,” a liturgical choral piece published by the leading church music publisher GIA. “Be Still” has been recommended for performance for prayer services in memoriam of September 11th. Denise has over twenty years’ experience as a liturgical musician, as cantor, piano accompanist, and music director of adult choirs, children’s choirs, musicals and handbell choirs. She has also provided piano, vocal, and music theory instruction for children and adults. She has spoken to audiences on parenting and Autism Awareness. Denise has particular interest in illustrating harmony among seemingly unrelated subjects.

We are excited to have Denise with us today!

Describe your relationship with a good book.

A good book is one I return to year after year, because it takes me to exotic, magical places and makes me both laugh and cry. The covers are worn with my revisiting, and they may disappear at times because I’ve forgotten which friend I’ve lent them to. Sometimes I keep multiple copies around, just in case.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

In college I wrote an essay comparing the gospel story to a fairy tale. It received honorable mention in a contest, which my younger sister won with her essay that kind of poked fun at me.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

When I’m writing, I am working. Sometimes there is no watching tv in the evenings. I stopped watching a show that I liked after the second season. It is now the fifth season and I have not looked back. But sometimes I need to read, or work on promoting my book before I go back to hard writing.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

I bring a tablet everywhere, work, my kids’ soccer practice, dance rehearsal, drum lessons. Sometimes only those fleeting moments are all that I have.

5) Why did you write this book?

I recognized a pattern in my own life, and I thought describing it might help others in their own journeys.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

The times that I have felt the most vulnerable. If I can write about those times honestly, then people seem to relate. Their own circumstance may have been different, but honesty and vulnerability are two things that people understand.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life? I have a novel inside me waiting to break forth. I think I will need another fact-finding trip to the island of Guam before it will all come together.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

I play acoustic guitar and the ukelele. My favorite thing to do is whip out the ukelele on public transit and start a sing-a-long. Only once have I been thrown off the BART train.

Excerpts from A Maze in Grace:


my younger self
pen in hand
poetry broke forth
twenty years
I’ve only blinked
or so we think
I miss ink

* * *

tiny rocks and pretty colors juxtaposed
memories and images unfold
some of them are dazzling, others dull
altogether recreating something whole
watercolor destinies ebb and flow
mosaic synchronicity kaleidoscopes
everchanging possibility and timeless space
modulates into another sacred place

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Under a Mating Moon–Celia Breslin–Book Blast

Under a Mating Moon Banner

Under A Mating Moon

Title: Under A Mating Moon

Author: Celia Breslin

Published: September 18th, 2015

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Content Warning: Graphic violence and adult sexual content

Age Recommendation: 18+


British Alpha wolf Jake Marsden spends his days among humans, pursuing a lucrative music career and avoiding his pack’s politics. When his current DJ tour takes him to the US, he stops in Los Lobos to visit family, and runs into the one Wolf he never wants to see again—the mate who rejected his claim.

While visiting her brother in Los Lobos, free-spirited Lexi Luparell is shocked to encounter the Wolf she’d denied when they were teens. Now she must face her guilt for the cruel way she spurned him all those years ago, make amends, and admit the truth. Jake was right all along—they’re meant to mate.

Lexi would love to explore the mate concept and her overwhelming attraction to virile, Alpha Wolf Jake, but he wants nothing to do with her. How can she break down his defenses when she’s the reason he built them in the first place?

Jake dates only human women now. Lexi had her shot at being his mate, and she threw it away. But when her life is threatened, he may have to rethink his position and do whatever it takes to claim his one true mate.

Amazon | GoodReads


Celia Breslin

Celia lives in California with her family and two feisty cats. She writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for werewolves, vampires, and the Fae. Her award-winning vampire series – The Tranquilli Bloodline – is available from Champagne Books. Under A Mating Moon is her second werewolf story for Decadent Publishing’s, multi-author, Black Hills Wolves shifter line.

When not writing, you’ll find Celia exercising, reading a good book, hanging with her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Blog | Website

A billion butterflies battered Lexi’s stomach. She shifted her attention from Ross to the piano. Sure enough, the music had stopped, and Jake faced her from his seat on the bench. Man oh man, the heavy stare from those sky blue eyes sent shivers skittering down her spine. His gaze held the same intensity she remembered from him as a kid, as if he saw into the heart of people, exposing their deepest secrets. It drove her crazy back then, and she’d spent much time teasing him, pulling his hair, trying to distract him from being so serious all of the damn time. They were teenagers—partying was supposed to be their sole focus.

With his ice blue stare locked on her, Jake rose to his feet, all taut muscle and predatory power. His energy swept over her like a tsunami, forcing all of the moisture to abandon her mouth while parts much lower wept with want. Her inner Wolf howled, answering the call of this Alpha, the first Dominant male ever to make her sit up and take notice. Holy crap. Her muscles shook with the need to bound over to him, jump in his arms, wrap her legs around his torso and writhe against his hard, hot, tattooed body.

Jake said something to his uncle then stalked straight at her, cutting a path right through the middle of the tables and the many, too-curious patrons.

A whimper escaped her throat.

Surprise sparked in her brother’s brown eyes. “You’re kidding me. Him?” He burst out laughing. “Wow, sis, that’s some major, big time irony right there.”

Darci’s expression conveyed her bewilderment. “Now what are you two talking about?”

Her annoying brother grinned. “See that angry Alpha headed our way? My sister here rejected him when they were teens and he’s apparently her—”

Lexi socked her brother in the ribs. “Shut it, Ross.”

“Ouch.” Ross rubbed his side and chuckled at her plight. The jerk.

“Come on, Lexi, you have to admit the hilarity of the situation.”

No, she did not. Nor did she have to admit that J-Bird was right all those years ago. He was her mate. O to the M to the G… They were mates.

Even so, he didn’t look happy to see her at all. In fact, he looked positively enraged. Shit, shit and triple shit. What a mess she’d made eight years ago. Well, she was woman enough to pull on her big girl panties and fix it. She straightened her spine and lifted her chin in challenge, meeting Jake’s stormy stare. He halted before her.

I can do this. “Hey J-Bird. Nice to see you.” Lovely. Her voice sounded like she’d eaten the gravel from the lot in front of Gee’s bar. Embarrassment heated her cheeks.

One breath, two breaths, three… J-Bird glared. Tension coiled between them in the silence. Lexi bit the inside of her cheek to avoid babbling at him. She’d said hello. It was his turn. Damn it, J-Bird, say something. He wasn’t making this easy.

“Alexina.” His arctic tone dismissed her and slapped her in the face at the same time, leaving her disappointed and confused. No one called her by her full name. No one except her parents when she’d done something wrong as a kid. He might as well have said, “screw you,” while slamming a door in her face.

His focus shifted to her brother. “Hello, Ross. Been a while.” His hand shot out to grasp her brother’s in a cordial shake.

“Good to see you, Jake. Join us for lunch? My treat. We can catch up on old times.”

“No, thank you. I’m done. Nice to see you again, Ross.” Jake nodded at Darci. “Miss.” He brushed past them and out the door.

“What. Just. Happened?” The “I’m done,” he uttered in his delicious British accent seemed aimed more at her than at her brother’s offer. And the fact he hadn’t even looked at her before stalking out all sexy in his gloom and doom? Yeah, that hurt.

“I think you know, sis.” The amusement left her brother’s face and sympathy glimmered in his gaze. “Question is, what are you going to do about it?”

She’d never run from a fight in her life. She wouldn’t start now. “Grab a table. I’ll be back in a second. Or not.” She ignored her brother’s knowing grin and hurried out the door.


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The End is Now–interview with Connor Titus!

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Title:   In The Foothills of Mt. Empyreal: The End is Now
Author:   Crystal Connor, writing as Connor Titus
Published:  August 6th, 2014
Genre:  Horror, Dark Fantasy
Content Warning:  Adult content and violence
Recommended Age:  17+
The Order of The Sentinels.
The Order of The Learned.
The Order of The Writs.
The Order of the Cloth.
Trapped and isolated, the residents of Fates Keep come to realize that they are not alone…
In a world with two realities the imaginations of author’s Crystal Connor and Lori Titus are unleashed upon the unsuspecting people living in the Foothills of Mt. Empyreal and the fate of all the world hangs in the balance.
One town. One catastrophe. One story told two different ways. What started in the foothills of Mt. Empyreal could be the end of us all.

Excerpt from The End is Now by Connor Titus:
When deception and lies ascended to paradise, all silver-tongued and golden haired, Emerson was already dead, Jerrod was on earth, Jason was on patrol, and William, the youngest of the Celestials, was on duty.
Rythy was chained to her cell with irons of fire; the bars of her chamber had been fortified with the blessings from God himself and her wings had been clipped. She was fed, but only given enough to eat to sustain life … not strengthen it.
Regardless, William was terrified of her.
And more so of late as she no longer yanked her chains while hurling protest and insults. Instead, she sat, like a cat with her tail wrapped around her feet.
He liked it better when she acted like a caged animal.
William hadn’t seen Emerson or Jerrod for days, but was just as relieved when he looked up from the logbook and saw Dianna.
Looking into her golden face was like being roused from some terrible dream. “Boy, I am sure glad to see you; did you come to audit the log?”
He turned the book so that she could see it. There was only one problem, the officer he was speaking to was not Dianna.
“Oh, William, I almost forgot,” Dianna started as she rounded the corner and came face to face with her…self.
Rythy started laughing, and with impeachable timing and flawless execution, all hell broke loose in heaven.
 photo Crystal-Connor.png

About the Author:

Washington State native Crystal Connor has been terrorizing readers since before Jr. high School and loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys, rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high heel shoes & unreasonably priced hang bags. She is also considering changing her professional title to ‘dramatization specialist’ because it’s so much more theatrical than being just a mere drama queen.
 We are ecstatic to have with us today author Crystal Connor!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book.

I would say its romantic in that psychotic stalkerish sorta way, because when a book is really good I don’t want to do anything else but read it to the very end. I nearly starved myself to death during the 11 days it took me to read Stephen King’s Under The Dome, lol

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

I’ve always told really creepy stories I used to love scaring the heck out of my siblings and friends but I didn’t start writing them down consistently until I was in Jr. High. And of course becoming published was a pretty big deal for me, as it surely is for everyone. And it feels the same for every book, it’s just so much fun. I am having a blast.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

My work ethic as a writer is hectic and irrational. Sometime I will be up for days writing to the point where my eyes feel like sand paper and my hand swells up to the point where it hurts to hold a pen, and then other times I go weeks without writing anything. There’s no rhyme or reason to the way I write.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

In 2011 I quit my job to write full time and there really hasn’t been any balance since. I spend 90% of my time either writing or brainstorming on ways to market on a shoestring budget. Luckily my family and close friends understands this completely and don’t give me a hard time when I miss dinner gatherings or social events, plus they don’t freak out if they don’t hear from me for long stretches of time.

I have a really good support base and Lord knows I couldn’t do this without them.

5) Why did you write this book?

Like with all the books and short stories I’ve written prior, my sole purpose is to entertain people with bone-chilling, high octane, top notch horror, science fiction or dark fantasy. The End is Now is an opportunity that didn’t knock on my door, it kicked it in. I had been wanting to expand a short story from And They All Lived Happily Ever After! called The Parish. When my co-author Lori Titus sent me the writing prompts that jump started our project it was everything I need to do just that.

But it ended up being so much more than that because we ended up co-writing two books that take place in the same town, with the same characters. These books are not a part one and two, they are not continuation of the same story … they are two standalone books that you can either read back to back or months, even years apart.

Even after all this time we are still pretty amazed that we were able to pull this off. The title to the other book is Guardians of Man: Black Feathers Fell in the Foothills of Mt. Empyreal.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

I draw inspiration from just about everything. The things I saw and learned about while traveling throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The awe inspiring, sometimes frightening things that young children says, a partially overheard conversation, the expression on someone’s face … it really does come from everywhere.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

In the next five years it would be nice to have built a fairly large fan base to the point where I am a house hold name in horror, to be contacted with request to attending conventions as a guest of honor. And I’d also like to be travelling outside of my country again, revisiting countries I’ve already been to as well as exploring Europe.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

Well here’s the thing. There’s a huge difference between writing fiction and telling a lie. A lie is born out of intention and that intention is to deceive someone.

A fictional story isn’t written with the intent to deceive or mislead it is presented as a work of the imagination, not a statement of fact, so right off the bat the reader knows that the story isn’t real and therefore isn’t being lied too.

You wouldn’t believe it if someone came up to you and told you that they were from 20 years into the future, yet they’re believable within a science fictional world about time travel.

(So, was that answer a lie or the truth?)

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Into the Myth by R.L. Weeks

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 photo Into-the-Myth.png

Title:  Into the Myth
Author:  R.L. Weeks
Published:  August 27th, 2015  
Publisher:  Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing
Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy
Recommended Age:  13+

Synopsis:  “Your myth, my reality”
College can’t come soon enough for Lily. That is until Kyle, the new transfer, shows an interest in her. Except, since he’s been in town, strange accidents have been happening. Accidents that Kyle seems to be insinuating are Lily’s fault.
When she learns the truth, she is thrown into a world she didn’t believe to be true, but she is in danger. There are many forces against her, ones she has to try and protect herself and her loved ones from. The problem is, the biggest threats could be concealed in the lies of the people she loves. She has to quickly decipher who she can trust and who’s against her, if not, she could lose a lot more than her life.

Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

Excerpt from Into the Myth by R.L. Weeks:
“So there is no actual proof. I mean, they say that’s what happens, but it could be a fairy tale to prevent people from doing those rituals. Her lover could have been miserable because she died and he loved her.” Everyone in the class is now staring at me, their mouths open a little. I raise an eyebrow to my perplexed professor. “Umm… I…” he splutters, looks at the picture of her then back to me. “You could be right.” He presses his lips together and manages to produce a half-smile. “But it would be unwise for someone to try and prove those theories wrong.” He pauses, everyone stares at him. I follow the bead of sweat trickling down the side of his head. “As there’s a good chance they could be right.”
“I would never attempt to do black magic. I was just making a point,” I lie. He nods and turns his attention back to the class. He recites a script written by one of her lovers. I sit at the desk, a little amused. Although I feel a little happier knowing it hasn’t actually been proven, his words still echo in my mind. They could be right, the theories. I spend the rest of the lesson admiring the picture of the woman who risked everything to bring back the one she loved. I wonder if there’s a way to find out if she really did damn herself to an eternity of pain in the underworld. I doubt it. I wonder how many sorcerers have tried and failed to find out.
“Produce a six-page essay on her years between twenty and twenty-five. Most of her spells were created within this time. Bonus points to anyone who can find out what ritual she created, that later affected the King of England, Henry the Eighth,” he hollers, bringing me out of my daydream.
What was that about Henry the Eighth? Never mind. The professor steps back and picks up several books, everyone gets up.
“That was awesome,” a guy says from behind me. I turn and look up at a tall muscular man with pale brown eyes.
“Umm… thanks.”
I smile nervously and go to walk out the door. I spot Miles just in front of me.
“What’s your name?” The muscular guy interrupts me and Miles disappears out of view. I allow three girls to pass me, all of whom shoot Mr. Muscles a flirtatious smile. Then look at me with annoyance or envy, I can’t tell.
“Lily,” I say and look out the window. I can’t see Miles anywhere.
“Pretty name. I’m Sean, Sean Pelletier,” he says, extending his hand. I shake his hand and pull my fingers out of his tight grip.
“Nice to meet you. Wait, Pelletier, isn’t that?”
“Yes, my ancestors founded the society,” he says proudly. His surname is engraved on almost every wall in the building.
“So, how are you finding it here?” he asks. He glides his hand through his raven black, shoulder-length hair. I follow him out onto the courtyard and spot Miles on one of the benches.
“Things are going great.”
His face splits into a grin as he eyes up my bear necklace. “In good with some Berserkers?” How does he know?

 photo RL-Weeks.jpg

About the Author:
Rebecca is an author living in Exeter, UK. She grew up in Devon, surrounded by local folklore, which she incorporates into her writing. She doesn’t believe there are enough books for teens with strong female protagonists tackling real issues whilst incorporating the fantasy elements that offers teens the ‘escape from reality’. Her first book, a new adult dark fantasy was published in August 2015 by A-argus publishing. Into the Myth, a young adult urban fantasy, the first in a series of four, is set to release on the 27th August 2015 by CHBB publishing. As well as writing full-time, Rebecca works part time as a support worker. Editing others works, studying for her psychology diploma, blogging about various supernatural news and writing tips for other authors, are among the other things that Rebecca enjoys doing in her spare time. She hopes to write novels that inspire and help young people, in the same way, as she believes fantasy books helped her through tough times.

 photo CHBB Banner.png
Giveaway Details:
The author is hosting an awesome giveaway where you can WIN a bunch of prizes! Up for grabs are 2 Kindle Paperwhites with cases, 8 signed copies of Into the Myth, 15 bookmarks, 5 pens, 3 chapsticks, 2 Iphone 5/5s cases, 1 Into the Myth keyring and 5 fridge magnets. 
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Stay With Me–author Lily Adile Lamb–NEW interview!

 photo Stay-with-Me-Banner.png
 photo Stay-with-Me.jpgTitle:  Stay With
Author:  Lily Adile
Published:  July 25th,
Publisher:  Encompass
Ink Publishing
Genre:  Contemporary
Gay Romance, M/M
Content Warning:  Explicit
sexual content, mild violence
Recommended Age:  18+
It has been weeks since Curtis first saw the young waiter
with the haunted eyes. No matter how often he went to the café to find the
right opportunity to introduce himself, that moment simply did not come that
Joseph was aware of the gentle giant who quietly came to
have his lunch and then left day after day. Fearing his father’s wrath and
under his ever watchful eyes, he made no moves nor overtures. Until one day
when the other man approaches to him…
Excerpt from Stay with Me by Lily Adile Lamb:
His colleague Jason spoke highly of the little corner café
at the mall. Curtis decided to try the food during his lunch break, since he’d
left his sandwiches on the kitchen bench-top at home that morning. Bugger, he
thought sourly, because it was a typically hot Aussie day, and he wasn’t in the
mood to walk to the mall. Perth had always been sweltering in the summer, but
today, it was humid as well. He hated the thought of sweating and then having
visible wet patches painting the fabric under his arms. 
He didn’t want to give the impression of being a sweaty, smelly, big bear.
Curtis was slightly overweight, and at just over six-feet, it made him feel
visible and a little self-conscious in the crowd. 
He waved at everyone as he left. At the bank where he worked as a teller in
central Perth, he got on well with everyone. His colleagues often teased him
about choosing to work longer hours, but he took it on the chin. Of course,
they’d tease him because he couldn’t hide his shyness.
Emerging from the building, he felt the scorching heat instantly. He quickly
walked, using the shade of other buildings. His wallet was in his pocket, and
he carried his Kindle. Curtis was a voracious reader and hooked on the newest
thriller/suspense novel by his favorite author, Dorien Grey. He’d left his
mobile phone behind, so he wouldn’t be distracted by phone calls. 
As it was a Friday, the mall was busy. He looked around curiously before
climbing down the stairs to the Asian café in the corner. It was busy and had a
long queue. Fuck. I hope I won’t spend my lunch break standing here, he thought
Waiting at the counter to order his meal, Curtis glanced at a short, slim Asian
waiter, taking a steaming hot bowl of some epicurean delight to a lucky
customer. He couldn’t see the man’s face, but something about his general
demeanor caught his attention. He moved deftly through the crowds carrying the
bowl to its intended customer. What caught Curtis’s attention was the way he hunched
his shoulders as if he didn’t wish to be noticed by anyone. No one that young
should walk like the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. Curtis
couldn’t take his eyes off the man with the fragile appearance.
“What can I get for you?” the elderly attendant asked, looking directly at
“Huh? Oh! I’d like to order a small size of your special fried rice, please,”
Curtis said. He paid for it and was given a number to pick up his lunch when it
was called. He walked away from the counter, but stood close enough to collect
his meal. He waited for a while, but grew tired of standing like a beanpole
among those much shorter than him, and looked around for a free table. 
He again found himself watching the waiter. This time, he had a better
opportunity to look at him, noting the man’s full profile. He had short, dark
hair that complemented his pale complexion and the pixie-like, fragile bone
structure of his youthful face. Curtis sat down but didn’t open his Kindle.
Instead, he watched the waiter, whose face appeared sad and pale, as if he
didn’t see much sun, despite the sunny days of summer. Curtis sighed and
finally opened his Kindle to read. Immersed in the story, he forgot about his
surroundings and got caught up in the adventure. Since he had a thing for
wounded male heroes, he could already visualize the character, John, in the
Excuse me? Did you order the fried rice?” asked a quiet voice. 
Curtis looked up and found the waiter he’d been checking out earlier holding
his food. “Oh! Yes, that’s what I ordered.” Curtis felt bad for forgetting to
pick up his lunch. It was clear the guy was extremely busy. “Sorry, I forgot to
come to the counter.”
The man smiled reassuringly at Curtis before he dropped his gaze. “It’s fine.”
Then he walked away. 
For the first time, Curtis had been able to look directly into his eyes. He had
delicately exotic Asian features. His eyes are amazing, nearly black in color,
yet lack any sparkle. In fact, they looked haunted. He had a cute little nose
and his lips were full, almost pouty. Curtis continued to watch the man who was
much shorter compared to Curtis’s big frame. He felt suddenly protective toward
By the time Curtis finished his fried rice, his lunch break was nearly over. He
wiped his mouth with the tissue and stood up to leave, but couldn’t resist the
urge to look back at the man one last time.


Chapter One


A month had passed since Curtis first saw the waiter. He wasn’t sure whether he
should continue going to the café each day for lunch because he hadn’t found
the courage to approach the guy. He was worried people had begun to notice and
felt nervous that his behavior was stalkerish. He tried to appear as though he
went there for the good food only and not for the man himself. The waiter was
certainly cute, but more than that drew Curtis in. The sadness that overlaid
the sweetness caught his attention and held it. That was what kept him coming
back again and again. 
It made his heart heavy to think people might’ve noticed his behavior and think
he was creepy. Who wanted to be known as a creepy stalker-bear guy? 
He prayed he was being subtle and hoped he wasn’t receiving any speculative
looks from anyone. But he really had to make a decision soon—either strike up a
conversation with the guy, or stop coming for lunch and torturing himself. 
There he was, wiping a table for a couple of customers. He was wearing the same
style of clothes as before. The jeans he wore looked old and frayed, but they
hugged his cute little arse as he bent over, took a swipe at the table with a
damp rag, and collected the dishes. When he stood up, it was obvious the shirt
was as old as the jeans. It was thinned to nearly nothing from frequent
laundering. So transparent, it could have been made of gauze—it did nothing to
hide the guy’s ribs. 
Curtis didn’t even realize he stood stock-still, staring at the man until his
eyes caught the old man at the cashier’s desk glaring at him with a clenched
jaw. His deep frown made Curtis feel awkward to the point where he felt his
cheeks burning. He looked at his phone and checked for messages but still
furtively watched the waiter. He saw the expression he’d come to recognize as
sadness, but this time, there was more to it. He looked like a man who’d lost
all hope. He was also limping and dragged his feet at times. 
Is he injured? Why does he look like he’s in despair? Fuck. What’s happening in
his life? …..


About the Author:
Lily Adile, a Turkish writer, lived in the UK for many years before emigrating to
Australia. She visits her family in Turkey regularly and travels to other
countries, like Singapore, to visit other family members.
She is blessed with three grown up children and a furry child, Sir JJ Basil.
 We are so happy to have Lily with us today!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book.  Intensely emotional. I forget to sleep and do anything else.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

Last year and it was the scene where Joseph and Curtis first set their eyes on each other.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

Write a story that comes from my heart to tell others. It needs to have a meaning and bring out the best in you. It needs to have real life like characters.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

I don’t always balance well. I am grateful for my husband who understands how I get carried away and takes it in his stride. There have been moments, I did not want to sleep or go out. It lessens my TV time as well. But I do my best to make sure my husband does not feel neglected because he is my anchor.

5) Why did you write this book?

This story has therapeutic qualities for me… It helped me to let go.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

The domestic violence part and feeling hopeless and then meeting someone who showed nothing but kindness.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

I want to tell more stories to adults…the stories that they could read late at night in the bed to relax and smile about. I also dream of becoming a full-time writer with improved skills and better online editing software. Hahahaa

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

Oh. People love to come to my home for dinners. My culinary skills bring out the kid in my friends. I asked them to just come along and see what delicious surprises are waiting for them. Would you believe, some of them even cancel their other arrangements so they could sit at my table ? Yeah. I slave myself in the kitchen to create that welcome to my home and let’s have fun while eating experience.


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Encompass Ink Publishing
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The Devil’s Fire–Interview with Rue Volley

 photo The-Devils-Fire-Banner.jpg

 photo The-Devils-Fire.jpgTitle:  The Devil’s

Series:  The Devil’s
Gate Trilogy #2
Author:  Rue Volley
Published:  August
14th, 2015  
Publisher:  Hot Ink Press
Genre:  Erotic Mystery
Content Warning:  Sexually
explicit material, some BDSM play (mild) and violence (not in a sexual nature)
Recommended Age:  18+
Seeking refuge, Abigail Watson returns home to mend a broken
heart, abandoning the city that she has grown to love and the job she worked
hard for years to attain.

Life allows for distraction, but it can’t bury the past.
Jack Landon has left an indelible mark on her.

A painful scar, a stolen kiss, a memory of what once was, or could be.

Jack is all of these things, and more. The haunting memories begin to consume
her with an unbridled passion.

His domination is absolute. Her submission begs for release.

Their lustful needs could destroy everything around them, turning flame to ash.
Friend to enemy, love to hate.

Where there’s smoke…you will find the Devil’s Fire.

 photo Rue-Volley.jpg

About the Author:
Rue Volley resides on Earth with her husband, Von Erik, and their two pug sons,
Momo and Oshi. She is an award-winning author, graphic artist, and
screenwriter. She is also the Creative/Marketing Director for Crushing Hearts
and Black Butterfly Publishing, and co-owner of Lovebites Production Company,
which specializes in Dark Fantasy Films.
We are so happy to have Rue Volley with us today!  We had some slight technical difficulties, but she’s with us now.
  • 1) Describe your relationship with a good book.

I want it to wake me up in the middle of the night and whisper in my ear. I want it to pop into my mind as I do random things and call me back to it. I want to read it again so that I can experience those emotions. A good book never leaves you, it becomes a part of you and remains there. Changing your life forever.

  • 2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?

I started writing novels in 2009. It began with a book called Blood & Light. It was my first attempt at writing and a truly epic adventure about a girl who finds out that she is from a race of vampires who go all the way back to the beginning of creation on this earth. She is at the heart of an ongoing battle between the angels of heaven and Lucifer. The series was very personal to me. I dealt with the death of my father in it and my mother’s illness and subsequent death with breast cancer. It ended up being six novels long and has two bonus shorts included with it. The entire series is FREE from September 4th-7th. I am very proud of the fact that I completed it and it taught me so much about writing and how to develop engaging characters that would endure the test of time. Since then I have written many books, but the cast of Blood & Light will haunt me forever.

  • 3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.

I’m a workaholic. I wake up at 5 am and I work on my craft and promotion for about twelve hours a day. Every now and then I take a day off, but even then I share links from my phone when I’m away from my laptop. I think that one misconception about publishing is that it’s all about writing the book, to be honest, that’s the easiest part of this process. The work never ends once you draft it. Then you have to really edit it, polish it and release it with a promotional budget and set a comprehensive marketing plan for yourself. No one releases a book and kicks back. Anyone selling and profiting from this is working behind the scenes on it every single day. Trust me.

  • 4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?

It isn’t easy. I have to force myself to shut things down and watch a movie with my husband. I can’t even remember the last time I took a real vacation. Lol Perhaps we will in 2016.

  • 5) Why did you write this book?

I think that it’s important to properly represent the BDSM world as I have seen it first-hand. Some people think that it’s abusive and it isn’t. Submissives actually hold all of the power. THEY choose to become submissive, the lure is finding someone who MAKES you WANT to submit. This series is about the psychological part of this game, which is the most seductive part to me and to anyone who really lives this lifestyle.

  • 6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?

The fear of losing those closest to me, my sexual fetishes, and my passion for sharing bits and pieces of myself in every book. I can tell you that there are completely accurate accounts of things that I have experienced threaded into every book that I write.

  • 7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?

I would like to get to the point in my career where I can release less books and possibly get back to reading more. This schedule doesn’t allow for a lot of reading time and I miss that.

  • 8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

This will be my last series that I put out. hahahahaha

 photo Hot Ink Press.jpg
Hot Ink Press Publishing
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    Devil’s Gate Trilogy #1)


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A Lighter Shade of Blue–Interview with Shyla Colt

 photo A-Lighter-Shade-of-Blue-Banner.jpg

 photo Lighter-Shade-of-Blue.jpg

Title:   A Lighter Shade of Blue
Series:  Kings of
Author:   Shyla Colt
Published:   July
28th, 2015
Publisher:  Hot Ink
Genre:  Contemporary
Content Warning:  Explicit
sexual content, graphic violence
Recommended Age:  18+
Synopsis:  Assigned
the role of keeper of her older sister, Calla, Bluebell Strong has spent her
life cleaning up messes. Frustrated, unappreciated, and repressed, Blue drifts
away from her family. Suddenly, a jail sentence lands Calla in prison. She then
becomes her nephew, Bolton’s guardian. Pulled headfirst back into the life of
the Kings of Chaos M.C. she struggles to find a balance between who she must be
and who she’s always wanted to be. Bolton’s father, Shadow, the man she crushed
on since she was a teen, returns from prison. These back to back events forces
her to choose between duty and happiness.
After serving three years in jail for a brother, Kings of
Chaos enforcer, Shadow is done denying himself. The silent man, known for
making problems disappear spent years holding onto a secret that kept him from
the one thing he wants most, Blue. Beneath the hardened exterior of this
Warrior, rests a heart that beats for one woman. Laying all his cards on the
table, he risks upsetting the balance among the Strongs and the club to
complete the family he always wanted.
Excerpt from A Lighter Shade of Blue by Shyla Colt:
“How will it feel to be in my home with my son and my ex, and know neither of them will ever be yours?” she asks, taunting me. I clench my jaw. Times like this I know one-hundred percent that she knew about my forever crush on Shadow. The slick smile on her lips makes me want to slam her face into the metal table she’s seated in front of. Calla has always had the magical ability to pull out the worst in me. I bite my tongue so hard I taste the unmistakable metallic tinge of blood. Gripping the edge of my chair I take deep breaths. Silence falls as the papers are delivered. She signs and my tension eases. Once the papers reach my desk, I let out a sigh of relief. “You want to know how it’ll feel, Calla?” I whisper. She nods. “About the same way it’ll feel for you to be in here while I help Bolt grow, watch him graduate, and send him off to adulthood. All while living with the one man you procreated with who hates your guts.” Her jaw drops. I smirk. “We’re done here. Oh, and you’re welcome for the clean up on aisle Calla. If anything good can come out of this, it’s the fact you’ll be forced to get clean and hopefully, get your shit straight. I don’t feel competition, how could I? You’re a child in an adult’s body doing a piss poor job of managing her life. I don’t know where we went wrong, but I know it’s not on me. I think you woke up one day and decided to hate me. It used to bother me. Now, I’m just numb.”
 photo Shyla-Colt.jpg 

 About the Author:
Shyla Colt grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has lived a variety of different places thanks to her wanderlust, interesting careers, and marriage to a United States Marine. She’s always loved books and wrote her very first novel at the age of fifteen. She keeps a copy of her first submission letter on her desk for inspiration.
After a lifetime of traveling, she settled down and knew her time had come to write. Diving into her new career like she does everything else, with enthusiasm, research and a lot of prayers, she had her first book published in June of 2011. As a full-time writer, stay at home mother, and wife, there’s never a dull moment in her household.
She weaves her tales in spare moments and the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea at her side and the characters in her head for company. A self-professed rebel with a pen. Her goal is to diversify romance as she continues to genre hop, and offer up strong female characters.
We’d like to welcome Shyla Colt!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book. It’s a friend I listen to attentively.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of? The very first thing, was a young adult novel I finished when I was fifteen. I went through the whole process of typing it up, writing an inquiry and choosing a publishing house. I was so proud of myself for going through all the steps.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author. Write it until it’s done, and polish it till it shines as bright as I can make it. My personal goal is to make sure every book I put out is better than the previous one.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life? Very carefully. I’m also a stay at home mother, so most of my writing is broken up into small spurts.

5) Why did you write this book? Because Shadow appeared and refused to leave until I heard him out. Then I feel in love, and meet Blue. I’m character drive most of the time. These wonderful people show up and tell me their stories. I do my best to bring them to life.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work? All of them. It allows me to place myself in the characters show. In this book in potential, it was my desire to be there for my friends, even at the cost of my own happiness.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life? I’d like to be more well-traveled, a better writer, and living on a few acres of land.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.

Shyla Colt is completely addicted to scratch off.

 photo Hot Ink Press.jpg

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Renewing Bonds–Interview with Ruby MacIntyre

 photo Renewing-Bonds.jpgTitle:   Renewing Bonds
Author:   Ruby MacIntyre
Published:  August
15th, 2015
Publisher:  Encompass
Genre:  M/M erotic
Content Warning:  Explicit
sexual content
Recommended Age:  18+
Two hearts
long separated find each other again.
Connor Locke has only given his heart away once, to a man
who left him alone with only a note as an explanation. He has tried to move on,
but no one compared to the one who left him brokenhearted and alone.
Harry grew up as a black sheep in his family, and when he
met Connor he thought he finally found a place to call home. The strong, yet
loving lawyer gave him things he never thought he’d find. But then he had to
leave, and that decision ended up ruining his life.
After years apart, the couple is finally reunited, but not
in a way either of them expects. A crime lord wants Harry badly, and he will do
anything to get him. Will Connor be able to keep Harry safe and salvage their
love, or will he lose Harry forever?
Excerpt from Renewing Bonds
by Ruby MacIntyre:
Harry was amazed when Connor brought him to his condo and
demanded he sleep in his bed. That wasn’t the surprising part, though—no, the
true shock came once they snuggled down under the covers in nothing but sweatpants.
Connor just held him close in his strong arms and fell asleep. No demanding, no
talking, no touching. Just sleep.
It was the most precious gift that Connor could give him. Harry couldn’t recall
the last time he had been in a man’s house, in his bed, and not be expected to
do something. So, once Connor’s breathing had evened out in sleep, it was the
easiest thing in the world for Harry to follow behind him. For the second night
in a row, Harry had a peaceful sleep with no nightmares and no one waking him,
demanding sex.
When the sun peeked in between the blinds and woke him up, Harry almost wanted
to cry. He longed for the easy escape that the dark nothingness of sleep
provided him. Being awake brought back all the evil and fears of the world, neither
of which he could escape. When something tightened around his chest, pulling
him against a hard body, Harry stiffened. Where was he? More importantly, who
was he with? Would he demand to be serviced or just let him go in peace?
“Shh, baby. It’s just me.”
Harry choked on a sob at the familiar, comforting voice. He had forgotten he
was at Connor’s house. He was safe there.
“Aw, baby, don’t cry. It’s okay. . . shh, you’re okay.” Connor turned him, so
they faced each other, and pulled him close again.
Harry buried his face in Connor’s chest, letting the hot tears of relief flow.
He moaned when strong fingers sank into his long hair and pressed himself into
the contact. Out of the hundreds of men who had touched him in the past few
years, only Connor brought him any measure of peace. His body only craved
Connor’s touch.
He wanted to beg for the man to take him, to own his body in such a way that he
would forget about the others, the faceless johns who had touched him when
Connor should have been the only one. But he couldn’t. He wouldn’t find out
until later that day if he was clean, and even if he ended up being pristine,
that didn’t take away from the blackness covering his soul. He had been
dirtied. Each nameless trick had left their blackened mark on him. How could
Connor want him anymore when he was used and filthy?
Connor held him the entire time he cried without saying a word. He provided
comforting noises and ran his hands up and down Harry’s back. When Harry’s
tears dried up, and his hitched breathing finally returned to normal, he pulled
back enough to look up at the man who held him and gave a shaky smile.
“I’m sorry about that.”
“Don’t be.” Connor shook his head, refusing to accept his apology. “You can
always open up with me, baby. Even if that means bawling your eyes out on my



 photo Ruby-MacIntyre.jpg
Ruby MacIntyre was born and raised in Kansas and has always been an avid reader.
It’s beyond a mere hobby or escape from reality; it’s her passion. Because of
her love for reading, writing her own stories—giving voices and happy endings
to the people that live in her head—was only natural. She may be relatively new
to the gay romance genre, but once Ruby found it, she never looked back. Now it’s all she reads (the hotter the better!), and she is quite content with the
sexy men that dwell in her head, clamoring for her attention. When Ruby’s not
reading, she’s writing, and vice-versa. Books have always been her life and
likely always will be.
In the rare occasions Ruby isn’t working, reading, or writing, she loves to play
or cuddle with her dog and cat, watch a movie, or hang with family. She loves
books (duh), pretty notebooks, snowflakes, and the color yellow.
We are pleased to have Ruby join us today!

1) Describe your relationship with a good book.
It’s not a healthy relationship. I don’t want to eat, sleep, work, or keep up with any of my responsibilities. It becomes my obsession. I need to read and read and read, maybe read some parts over again, and read some more until I’ve consumed it and lived it and breathed it and sleeped it.

2) When did you first start writing and what was the first thing that you wrote that you were proud of?
I’ve been writing forever, it seems. Nothing really stuck until I penned an epic fantasy novel that was a whopping 100,000 words long. It took me a year or so to write, and I remember being filled with so much pride when I printed it off and held it in my hand. I felt that same pride having my first MM novel accepted at a publisher. I love every work I create as a child. I put a piece of myself into each one.

3) Please describe your work ethic as an author.
That has changed the more I’ve written. When I first started, every free second I had, I was writing. Now…not so much. I have work, and a fur baby, and family and obligations and fun time too. But I try to set aside time each week to sit down and write.

4) How do you balance your work as an author with the other aspects of your life?
It’s difficult, because sometimes I feel like life overtakes my personal time. But I try. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues these past few months that leaves me so little time to write, but I fight for it. And that’s what makes my writing so special to me. All my emotions build up, and the story builds up, and by the time I can sit down to write it out, it flows almost faster than what I can keep up with.

5) Why did you write this book?
Connor’s story needed to be written. I knew his pain, and I knew his heartache, but I didn’t really know why until the end of Forging Bonds. That’s when Harry made himself known to me. And that’s all it took. Everything flowed from there – Pinstripe, Beverly, Jones, Connor, and Harry… It hardly needed work, because it all flew from my fingers. The hard part was the deep emotional aspect of this story. Delving into Harry’s psyche was like wading through mud. He was so, so hard to write and I found myself hating my writing, thinking it was crap, thinking that I would have to redo the entire thing. And then I would read through what I had just written and wonder how in the heck I managed to create such beautiful emotion. But I think that’s just how Harry is, inside and out. He’s been hurt and lived through hell, and he’s wounded, but his heart remained pure. He’s one of my favorite people.

6) What experiences from your past do you find yourself drawing upon repeatedly for inspiration in your work?
I didn’t consciously do anything like that. The realm of sex slavery, lawyers/law, and fighting crime is really not anything I have experience with. But it was important to write the story as I saw it. One of the things I love about my writing is that I don’t need to draw from my life experiences to write stories. They can be different, and they are. My life is so boring, so trust me, it wouldn’t make a good story.

7) What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years, both as an author and in your outside life?
I want to write stories that touch people. I want to reach a wider audience, and I want to be a name that makes people smile when they think of me. I love to read and I love to write. And I want to meet people who appreciate what I like to read and who I can connect with, even if they don’t read my stories. I love the connections I’ve made as an author, and I just want to experience more of that.

8) Since you are a storyteller, please tell one good lie about yourself.
I’m not good at this game. I’d want it to be epic, but it wouldn’t be. I’m no good under pressure.

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Guest Post by Kenya Carlton, author of The Sinful Trilogy

The Sinful Trilogy Banner

Repeat offenders?
Who among us doesn’t adore the ‘the one that got away’ love story? I know it couldn’t be just me because book shelves are lined with these sweet reunion novels. Harlequin has a line dedicated to pregnant hook-ups, so why not old booty calls? Oops, that’s not how they package it. Here, let me start over … second chance books is a nice way of saying familiar dick. People love these past love storylines. I’m not too sure how many people revisit these types of relationships in real life, but I do wonder where the obsession comes from.
Depending upon the scenarios, I’m game to read 300 and something pages of getting to know you again. I even wrote a second chance romance between an ex-football player and a former ballerina. To be honest, past history is sometimes fun to build a plot around, but in real life maybe not so much.
There was a reason why the relationship didn’t initially work out, right? Could it be that personality defect that couldn’t be overlooked? Or perhaps it was circumstances. Lovers who were torn apart get reacquainted twenty years later. Sweet, right? But in the back of the reader’s mind, everyone is thinking did the heroine or hero change or grow? How could they possibly be attracted to the same traits at 40 that they were at 20? (Only if their maturity was stunted during all that time) What, just me again? *rolls eyes* I highly doubt that.
Second chance plots can be crazy sweet, but there has to be a certain amount of self-exploration to anchor the story. One side has to be right, while this other side has to be wrong, but most importantly someone has to be sorry. A misunderstanding can occur to drive a wedge, but at some point in the story this has to be acknowledged. Forgiveness is a strong theme here, young Skywalker, and someone better be ready to grovel. Cynical? Maybe a little, but also realistic. In other words, someone must own up to their crap then the clothes can come off. Not always in that order, but most of the time this is the formula that leads to that almighty HEA ending we crave.

By Kenya Carlton

Sinful Trilogy

Title: The Sinful Trilogy

Author: Kenya Carlton

Published: June 29th, 2015

Publisher: Parker Publishing Inc

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Content Warning: Explicit sexual content and violence

Age Recommendation: 18+


Sweet As Sin (book 1)

Brought together in the aftermath of WWI, a lethal, war hero and a beautiful, seductive heiress are forced into a marriage neither wants.

Captain Drake Devilin fought with honor and survived a brutal war only to return home to find his parents dead under scandalous circumstances and his grandfather determined to restore the family honor and fortune.

Sienna Caldwell wants to trust her father’s decision to marry her to the charming playboy, but realizes the life she yearns for may never be hers. Faced with secrets upon secrets, she can do nothing to change the future. With her father’s blessing she puts herself into the handsome Drake’s care.

While Drake struggles to keep his bride alive, Sienna battles to keep her heart intact even as a magical world of myth and horror opens before them. Drake realizes the woman he married is more powerful than he imagined as he fights for her soul and their lives against an unimaginable evil.

Devil’s Play (book 2)

Snuggled within the warm embrace of marital bliss, biologically altered army Captain Drake Devilin and his supernatural bride, Sienna, face their biggest challenge to date. Called back for duty in World War II, Drake must leave his amazing life behind and join his troop to fight the Nazis. Although he’s certain his new mission is merely a rouse to obtain his most precious commodity, his wife, Drake leaves, but not before giving Sienna a magical necklace in the hope it will protect her against unknown enemies.

Lured from her prosperous island by a sorcerer who is convinced she was always meant to be his bride. Sienna is challenged to play three magical games to ensure her husband’s safe return. In each game, a limited time is given to Sienna to immerse herself into a new world, situation, and persona; find Drake; and have him acknowledge her by name. And she can’t use her powers to make it happen.

Everything dear to Sienna’s heart is put in jeopardy. Willing to fight for the love of her life and her happiness, Sienna takes on the sorcerer in his own game of cat and mouse.

Sinfully Ever After (book 3)

Experimented and tested on by the Nazis, Captain Drake Devilin and his troop of beasts are made into something unholy. Unwilling to serve as a guinea pig for the government any longer, Drake has only one thing on his mind … his beautiful wife, but instead finds himself involved in a war of the supernatural kind. The pressure mounts when Drake uncovers that a stranger from Sienna’s past is responsible for the rash of supernatural crimes plaguing an underwater city.

After beating an evil sorcerer at his own game, Sienna Devilin awaits her husband’s return from Germany. Once Drake Devilin arrives, Sienna can tell something is different about the captain. Moody and temperamental, Sienna doesn’t know what to think when he turns down a fight to help with a fresh crop of engineered monsters.

With World War II in full swing, Drake is unable to talk his wife out of their new obligation. Sienna is more determined than ever to fight off demons from her past and monsters in their not too distant future.

Amazon | GoodReads

Find Kenya Carlton online


Amazon Author Page | Facebook | GoodReads | Website

Light snow fell to the earth. The flakes melted nearly as quickly as they landed. Drake welcomed the fresh air.

Yards from the house he tracked his wife’s scent near the horse’s paddock. Sienna stood under the full moon in front of the big animals that grazed by the fence. He worked his way past the medical tents to join her. Pretty and peaceful, it was no wonder she came to the pasture since dinner had been a complete and utter disaster.
Murphy and Barker joined them for a marvelous evening—along with their wives—for screaming, cursing, and his personal favorite…crying. Murphy’s spouse, Evie, called him every name and then some, while Alex, Barker’s wife, sat in her seat softly sobbing. Somewhere before dessert but after dinner Sienna snuck off.
“Dear wife,” he whispered in her ear before he placed his coat over her shoulders. “I will extend to you my sincerest apologies for not being forthright, but you must promise to never make me sit through anything similar to that again.” Confident he wouldn’t be turned into a toad when she gifted him with a laugh he pulled her back into his chest.
“They’re worried about their men.”
“I gave them a choice this afternoon.” Drake buried his nose into the careless curls constructed on top of her head. “It is out of my hands,” he murmured, submerging himself in her sweet scent.
“Evie and Alex are not angry at you per se. They’re mad at the amount of loyalty their husbands display toward you and their country.”
“I am not the villain here.” He sighed. “Am I yours?”
Sienna turned in his arms.
Slow drifting snow caught on her long eyelashes, illuminating her beautiful face. He captured her lips, and attacked her sweet mouth. Only for a moment, he thought to himself before he released her.
“Why did you stop, Captain?” She continued to tempt him with tiny kisses to the underside of his chin. “Afraid you’ll lose your mind?” The sum of her powers were too great for one person alone. Extreme anger or sadness could send her into a downward spiral. It had taken Sienna years to learn how to control the balance of her emotions. Otherwise, the sanctity of her sanity would be put into question. Drake remembered all too well the time she nearly went mad.
“I was falling in love with you,” she replied to the thoughts in his head.
Drake felt that she was wrong and it was the other way around. His raw need for his wife almost certainly sent her over the edge. Every time he got too close another spark of magic would course through his veins. He couldn’t imagine what a huge wave of her power would do to him.
“Tell me, Captain, are you afraid of the devil in me or is it the devil in you?” Sienna rose on the tips of her toes to kiss the side of his mouth. Weeks had gone by where he didn’t think he would ever see her again. Drake felt the soft palm of her hand caress his face, while she sweetly nipped at his neck. Regardless of his wants or needs, he understood what was at stake for the both of them.


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